8 Closing Gifts for Every Client

Your buyer just closed on her dream home (sigh of relief). Next step: the perfect closing gift.

A closing gift is more than just a nice gesture. It’s a way to improve loyalty and drive referrals. However, pinpointing the perfect gift for your client isn’t always easy. To help, our team came up with several creative ideas to spur your inner gift-giver:

  • A “New to Town” Package: Stock a basket with local memberships and coupons, gift certificates to nearby restaurants, and a list of “must-see” spots in town for your relocated home-buyers.

  • Subscription Box: It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and there are options for almost every interest. If your clients are dog-lovers, consider BarkBox. For beauty, Birchbox. For the readers, Book of Month -- and the list goes on.

  • Cleaning services: Hire a service to deep clean the house and/or carpets. This can be a perfect gift for clients who noticed dingy carpets or dirty spots in their newly-purchased, pre-owned home

  • Personalized Household Items: Consider wine glasses, cutting boards, knives, towels, etc. Personalized items leave a lasting impression!

  • Landscaping Repair: Hire a crew to clean up your new home-owner’s yard, especially for those with overgrown bushes or trees in need of trimming.

  • A Custom Painting of Their New Home: There are many different services who offer custom paintings online. We found charming reproductions here.

  • A Map of the Area: Whether it’s the city, state, or neighborhood, a framed map is memorable and lasting for home-buyers settling in their family home.

  • Gift Card: While it may seem “vanilla,” providing a gift card to Home Depot or Lowe’s may be the right fit for your DIY client.

In the end, the best gift is a personal gift. While going through the home-buying process with your client(s), take note of their interests, pain-points, hobbies, etc., so your gift can be as pointed and helpful as possible.

Time to get shopping!

Article written by the Real Producers Team


Grace Sanderson