Our Most Pressing Problem

Our fellow agents, we have a serious problem. It plagues us day in and day out, threatening the very fabric of all we hold dear. It is a problem that affects us at home and across state lines, whether you’re new, experienced, or just super-duper old. If it is not rectified, then our children and our children’s children might be in jeopardy. I hope you're sitting down. For this problem shakes to the very core. Here it is:

There are people in this world … who mispronounce the word, “REALTOR.”

CALM DOWN! CALM DOWN! We know what you’re feeling.

This is a national disaster, a horrifying event, a terrifying calamity. It is a state of emergency in Realtorville. How dare the unwashed, heathen masses refer to us with anything but an appropriately, pretentious “Real-TORRRR” pronunciation!?!

How dare they?!

We are sick to our stomachs that this is allowed to go on. But take heart. Through lots of prayer and reflection, conversation, meaningful dialogue, and through various fundraising efforts or maybe a new Elton John song, we can overcome this. Thankfully, many agents are putting their shoulder to the plow, staying awake nights to monitor social media and correct those who are in error. Thankfully, Realtorrrrrrr after Realtorrrrrr is combing through blog post after blog post, ensuring that the pronunciation of the word REALTOR is thoroughly protected.

After all, what could possibly be more important than the pronunciation of this word? Sure, there are other concerns for real estate agents today, such as:
- Low barrier to entry in the profession
- Unethical, immoral agents
- Oft-deserved negative public opinion of agents around the country
- Low standards of service to clients
- Realtor safety
- Ongoing gender inequality
- Our impending replacement by robots and computer software
- Millions around the country who live on the streets or in homeless

Yes, those problems are scary. But let’s just be thankful that we are focusing so much attention on what really matters: pronouncing the word “REALTOR” correctly.

Authors’ Note: This entire article is sarcasm. Who really cares
how people pronounce “Realtor?!” Now, go sell some houses. 

Grace Sanderson