5 Reasons To Call a Real Estate Agent Before Your Vacation

Summer: a word associated with tan lines, the smell of sunscreen, sandy feet and vacations.

But have you thought of summer as an opportunity?

Whether it's the beach or the mountains, make sure to reach out to a local agent to explore new investments or vacation property opportunities before arriving at your relaxation destination.

Alexa Collins, USA Today contributor and Real Estate expert, gives 5 reasons why vacationers should contact real estate agents in advance

  1. They can be your 15-minute tour guide
  2. They will be honest with you
  3. They can provide fresh info on trendy neighborhoods
  4. They can help you get more for your money
  5. They can match you with the perfect neighborhood 

Check out the article on USA Today for Collins helpful vacation tips  -- and don't forget to pack sunscreen!


Article by Real Producers Team

Grace Sanderson