Making the Most of a Location

Potential buyers generally consider the neighborhood and the surrounding community where
they may want to live. One of the principles of feng shui is that everything is interconnected. The quality of a home is connected to the quality of the neighborhood and the quality of the larger community, like a pebble in a pond surrounded by concentric circles. Obviously, you cannot change an entire neighbhood or community, but you can take steps to make the best
of the location of a home for sale.

Staging a home relative to the larger context of the neighborhood may involve expanding your perspective and looking at the outside spaces of the seller’s home, the surrounding neighbors’ properties, and the entire neighborhood or surrounding areas of the home. Is it easy to find the seller’s home from various directions? Are streets easily accessible and well marked? Is a potential buyer easily and safely led to this home? Does the seller’s home have visible cues welcoming a potential buyer to the property? The popularity of global positioning systems makes it easier to find addresses, but these systems aren’t foolproof, and visual cues remain incredibly helpful.

Sellers may not be able to alter missing street signs, street closings, or a construction crew working, but they can work to create a wonderful welcome with a very visible address on the curb or a large boulder (so a potential buyer can easily see it when approaching by car), a welcoming flag next to a long driveway, yard art or plantings that function as “greeters,” and the address on the house, garage, or front door clearly visible from the street. Yes, the For Sale sign (and possibly other signs in the neighborhood about the home) helps, but these additional “greeters” can enhance the welcome to the property, establish a sense of calm that “I am at the right address,” and build a bridge to the home. Potential buyers can feel good at each of these important junctures in addition to feeling welcomed in the interior of the house.


Article by Laura Staley, Founder of Cherish Your World & Author of "Let Go and Courageously Live with Love"

Grace Sanderson