Is A Home Security System Worth The Money?


In an age where safety and security are paramount, everyone is taking extra measures to safeguard their assets. One option that many homeowners invest in is a home security system. However, is it worth the money?

Consider The Cost

Purchasing a home security system, getting it installed, and signing up for a monthly service charge can be costly. Although one can save a little money on insurance costs, the potential insurance savings alone isn’t enough to justify the purchase of a home security system. However, in the unlikely event that a home with a security system is robbed, expect the loss to be $2,000 less than an unsecured home with no protection.

Are Other Options Available?

In today’s digital age, one trend that is increasing among homeowners is video surveillance. This is a fraction of the cost to having a home security system monitored by a well-known company. With a high-quality camera, images can be readily recognizable and can lead to
catching a suspect in the act. Invest in a DIY-system for an all-in-one unit, kit, or
camera for a budget friendly option. Save money by eliminating a long-term contract
and generally no monthly fees.

Prevention Pays Off

While home security systems are able to detect crime once it happens, it’s always best to prevent crime before it occurs. One way to do this is guarding your front door. Consider getting a video doorbell, which can be the first line of defense in preventing crime. Know who is at your door whether you are home or away to enhance your safety and security.

Before you invest in a top-notch security system, consider what is best for you and your family. While peace of mind is priceless, sometimes the most expensive option to enhance your home’s security may not always be the best solution.

Article by Staff Writer Elizabeth McCabe

Grace Sanderson