Fall Trends For Home Staging

It’s officially fall -- the smell of fresh school supplies lingers in classrooms, coffee shops are rolling out their pumpkin spice lattes, and wreaths of orange, red, and gold are on display.

Fall is also a popular time to list a home. Beyond a deep clean, throwing up a fresh coat of paint, and taking down personal photos, here are six easy and economic tips for staging a home in the fall:

  1. Less is More: No matter the season, don’t go overboard. Pumpkins and maple leaves on every surface is unnecessary, but a few tasteful pieces can go a long way. Consider displaying some fall foliage in an entryway, or a bowl of seasonal fruit in a living space. (Cheap hack: Find some greenery from your own yard and use in a vase.)

  2. Make it Light: Lighten up your house by opening blinds. Since the days are shorter in the fall, incorporate lamps in darker areas of your home. Additionally, freshening up your walls with lighter shades of paint can help with dark spaces.

  3. Highlight Comfort: Place chunky knit blankets and use throw pillows on display to create a comforting appeal. If you have a fireplace, use it to your advantage and make it a focal point in a room.

  4. Seasonal Scents: Aromas of citrus, cinnamon, and vanilla can help induce feelings of fall. Instead of running to your nearest Bath and Body Works, try a simmer pot recipe instead (our favorite is #2).

  5. Use Warm Textures: Warm neutrals are a hot trend right now, from taupe walls to cork features, use woods accessories and warm gray colors for your styling. Also, if you have any copper accessories, pull them out of your back cabinets and use them creatively as vases or decor.

  6. Maintain Your Yard: Rake leaves, fix brown spots, and clean flower beds. Consider placing potted plants and a seasonal wreath on your porch to welcome potential buyers.


Most home-buyers are looking for a space they can see their family relaxing together -- so play up to the season’s sentiment of curling up with hot tea and a book and create a calming atmosphere in your home. Happy decorating!

Article by the, Real Producers Team

Grace Sanderson