Advice from Top Real Estate Producers

What advice would you give someone starting out in the real estate industry?

Central Mississippi's Top Producers work hard to achieve their ongoing success. Their advice can be invaluable to anyone starting out in the industry and to other real estate professionals striving to reach the level of Top Producer.

We recently asked some of our Top Producers what advice they would give someone starting out in the real estate industry.

Here are their responses:

"Be ready to work seven days a week, nights and weekends." 
– Jeanhee Kang, Muse LLC & Brokers

“Good luck! Hang on for the ride! A lot of things in this industry are not in your control, but you must be flexible and be a hard worker who likes to talk a lot...” 
– Shari Lackey, Nix-Tann and Assoc.

“Do 'real estate' for the right reason. It isn't a get-rich-quick industry; however, if you are in it for the right reason, doors are opened to bless you as you bless others – this blessing is greater than what money can buy!” 
– Casey Carrington Holcomb, Keller Williams

“Be a sponge, and be willing to learn. More importantly, keep this growth mindset throughout your career. Discover what motivates and drives you. Lean on that, and go all-in.”
– Paul Hopper, Hopper Properties

“Start in control, and stay in control. In the early days of your real estate career, it's especially important to build good habits that will carry on for years. Also, prepare for the slow season. Right now the market is great but real estate goes through many transitions” 
– Ossiea Lake, Keystone Properties

“My advice to new agents is to be very vigilant during the entire process of the real estate transaction – including post-closing. There are many steps in a real estate transaction, and there are several players involved in the process. Know these steps and all the players. Ensure you are doing your job, and ensure the other players are doing their jobs too.” 
– Leslie Ledoux, Ledoux Properties

“I would tell new REALTORS® or people interested in getting into real estate that you get out of it what you put into it. Becoming a multi-million dollar seller is not easy and requires a lot of your time. Especially when you are on vacation, or out of town and all the sellers and buyers start calling you then. I would also say learning from an experienced mentor agent or broker is critical!”  
– Meaghan A Murphy, Home Again Realty

“Have enough resources to support yourself for six to nine months until you get real estate going.” 
– Dianne E. Nelson, Right Size Realty

“Be a student. Learn. Study. You are not the sharpest tool in the shed, but one day you can be if you sharpen your skills daily.”   
– Tom Smith, Tom Smith Land and Homes

“Keep your eye on the prize. Wake up every day and go into the world looking for your next client. So many new agents make the mistake of thinking the business will fall in their laps. Well, the truth is the most successful REALTORS® are the ones that never stop promoting themselves and leave a platform for referrals.”  
– Kay Shelton, Back Porch Realty LLC

“Be honest and have patience.” 
– Teresa Renkenberger, Merck Team Realty

“Advice for new agents is an easy answer yet really hard to learn; you have to have super thick skin and a tender heart. The people you think will be anxious to help you build your business and give you the opportunity to list their home are just the ones that will cause you the greatest heartache. They will most likely use someone else and won't tell you why.”  
– Ginger Randall, Keller Williams

“Make certain your goal is to please your client, not to just make a commission. Reputation is of high value and referrals are priceless.” 
– Barbara Richardson, Broker, Eternity Real Estate, Inc.

“Go with an agency that offers training. There are several good ones here – and listen to the trainers. Also find an agent and see if you can shadow them or have them mentor you.”
– Bethany Culley, Keller Williams

"Burn the ships! If real estate is something you are interested in, you must throw yourself into it 100%. It is not something you can be successful at if you are doing it on the side or part-time."
– Jenny Price, NeighborHouse LLC

“Always give 100% of yourself no matter how big or small the transaction. Everyone is equally important. It feels good to go that extra mile.”  
– Donna Burks, Three Rivers Real Estate

“Answer your phone. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  
– Drew Evans, Evans Premier Properties LLC

“You have to be all in. This job requires long hours, patience and dedication. You must ALWAYS do what is best for your client and sometimes that means not selling a home. I strive to live by the golden rule of "Do Unto Others." 
– Kim Edwards, Southern Homes Real Estate

“The best pieces of advice I could give someone are the following:

  1. Get a mentor – make sure your broker/team leader will take time to work with you.  You should not feel like you are on an island in this business.
  2. Set a schedule and follow it. Having a system and scheduling in place early on is so important.
  3. Know your numbers. This is a business and not a hobby. You should operate like a business. Take time to review your operating expenses. You should know how much you are bringing in and how much it takes to operate your business.” 
    – Nita Durrell, Durrell Realty Group

“Forget about the sale and start caring about people! Someone told me this and I keep passing it on.” 
– Iana Gilder, Three Rivers Real Estate

This article originally appeared in the July 2021 issue of Central Mississippi Real Producers. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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