Making a Difference: Keely Burd, The Charleston Realtress

Looking for a REALTOR® who genuinely cares about the people they help is no small feat. Keely Burd of The Boulevard Company is just that agent, who puts the needs of others ahead of herself in every single way. Considering herself a “Home Concierge,” Keely helps her clients way beyond the sale, keeping in touch with them to help with anything they need.

“My integrity and exceptional client care are the reasons for my success. My client family that I love and look after ask my opinions on their home, renovations, thoughts on the market, and local recommendations etc. My job doesn't end at the closing table.”

After knowing each other for over two decades, Keely and her partner, Eric Maurice, have built the Charleston Home Specialists team to support and motivate each other. After meeting while they both worked in hospitality, the two work under the same team name, however they are both individual agents that have the other to lean on in order to be the best REALTORS® they can be.

Coming from a hospitality background, Keely’s customer service skills are top-notch, leading her into a successful career in real estate. Born and raised outside Washington D.C., Keely's journey would take her across the country before bringing her back to Charleston. “I grew up in a D.C. suburb, Fairfax Virginia, and attended the College of Charleston and graduated in 2005. I lived in Sonoma County California for seven years and came back to Charleston in March 2016. I never thought about Real Estate for myself, but life has offered me some surprises, and my oldest and best friend is a super successful agent back in D.C. She opened my eyes to the possibilities and opportunities this career can afford you.”

Keely took her opportunity for success and ran with it. Her love of new construction has really built her career and life into something any agent would aspire to match. She has even taken her love of new construction and turned it into a blog/vlog for Charleston's New Homes Guide! Her dedication to all things Real Estate has catapulted her into the top of the Charleston market, even landing her a RENE designation, held by just 4% of agents in the country! As a Real Estate Negotiation Expert, Keely got her certification and has added a lot of value to her business, and it is doing amazing things for her clients as well.

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Not only is Keely’s heart shown in every deal that she does, but she is also super active in helping the community in and around Charleston. As the mother of a son on the Autism spectrum, she lends her support to such causes as Surfers Healing and the Walk for Autism. She is also extremely active in the Carolina Youth Development Center, donating 5% of all of her sales to the organization that houses the area’s most vulnerable youth, even becoming a mentor through Big Brother and Big Sisters of the Lowcountry.

“I always want to put good out there. I don’t care about sales, I care about helping people. Using my success and platform to help others, and as a special needs mom, I naturally have a bleeding heart.” Her bleeding heart also extends to our four-legged friends, as a strong advocate of rescue animals, Keely says, “I love everything animal rescue and have fostered through Pet Helpers in the past and recently adopted my newest babykins in December.”

With a heart of gold and a mind for sales, Keely’s career is based on treating others with respect and teaching them the ways of real estate with honesty and integrity. “I truly have only one goal in my life and that is to treat every person I meet with respect and kindness. But in a more traditional business sense, my goal as an agent is to support myself, my family, and community through exceptional client care and service.”

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It’s through her exceptional service that Keely’s success will no doubt continue to grow throughout Charleston, and her advice to up-and-coming REALTORS® is based on hard work and determination. “You have to GRIND – don't quit! It took four years for me to feel like my business' ball rolled on its own! Pick whatever way you want to market yourself, and by the way, no matter what anyone says there is no ‘right way’ to do this. Maybe you like social media, maybe it's cold calling, maybe you door knock, it truly doesn't matter, you just have to commit to it 100% every day.”

With her commitment to her community, her family, and her clients, Keely’s accomplishments as “Charleston’s Realtress” will only continue to grow. With a mantra to always “be kind,” Keely always wears her heart on her sleeve and it is obvious to anyone who works with her. You would be hard-pressed to find a kinder, more knowledgeable REALTOR® to sit across from you at the closing table.

This article, written by Jennifer Guerra with photos by Charleston Real Estate Media, originally appeared in the July 2021 issue of Charleston Real Producers. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.