5 Marketing Tips for Home Builders and Architects in 2021

As an architect or home builder, we know your first priority isn’t going to be marketing your services. You are known for your expertise and unique offerings in your industry, as you should be!

But there are some digital marketing trends it doesn’t take a “marketing expert” to pull off – and we’re compiling them to help you stand out among the competition. Home builders and architects are in competitive fields, so it’s important to find what sets you apart and showcase those things for your audience to see.

1. Interact with customers on social media.

If you want to interact with your clients, social media is now the place to do it. It’s an easy and casual way to chat with your clients and potential customers, and generate new leads. Show off your home and building designs on Facebook and Instagram. Offer advice on what’s in style in the home building industry, and what options they can choose from. Visual inspiration like this will not only be valuable to your clients, but it helps them get an understanding of your knowledge.

Consistent posting on your social accounts is good, but take it a step further and engage with your followers as well. You can chat with them in the comment sections and send out Story stickers for some interaction. When you post an interactive Story using polls, surveys, or question boxes, it encourages engagement. And the more a customer interacts, the more (and better) you will show up in their feed. And don’t forget to ask questions – in other words, make it all about them.

2. Utilize live video: Engage with your audience through behind-the-scenes video on your social platforms.

Thankfully for all of us who aren’t professional videographers, authenticity is trending for digital marketing strategies. Simple videos taken straight from your phone (and especially live videos if you’re comfortable with it) will not only get your point across, but detail what it’s like to have you as an architect or builder. Behind-the-scenes videos are interesting to us all. We love to see a sneak peek at how things are done in most industries. Take advantage of that!

Walk your followers through a construction site and show them what it’s like in certain stages of the building process. Point out quirky or entertaining things. Show your customers what your renderings look like, or the options they have when first starting out with an architect. If you choose to go live with a video, save it afterwards on your profile for your customers to view in their own time. Small business digital marketing can be fun and fairly easy. Keep the videos short and light, and regular engagement is key!

3. Leave it to the professionals – photography, that is!

Unlike your everyday authentic social videos, there are times when it’s best to leave it to the professionals when it comes to putting your best brand forward. It’s well worth the investment to hire a local photographer specializing in architectural and real estate photography. Save it for the projects you’re most proud of, and when you complete a home or building, bring in the photographer to shoot the work worth showing off.

Pro Tip: Experts say high-quality photography can make or break a firm’s success. An appealing website portfolio of your work is necessary for clients and can be the deciding factor on what firm they choose.

Of course, don’t just leave those high-quality professional photos in a portfolio. Use them on your website main pages and have fun posting them on your social media accounts as well. A mix of your own images and videos and professional photography gives a well-rounded view to potential clients. Seeing a beautiful building or home you’ve designed or built will inspire those to keep you in mind for their next project or dream home.

4. Houzz and Pinterest: Inspire individuals using these two platforms for design inspiration.

As a home builder or architect, marketing in your industry is very unique. Many small business owners need only focus on Facebook and Instagram for their social media platforms, but a professional presence on Houzz and Pinterest specifically benefits home builders. It’s a good use of your time and energy posting consistent content on these platforms as well. Why? Homeowners use Houzz and Pinterest for inspiration, and therefore can help them discover you and your style. You never know when one of your image pins could lead to a new job! And don’t just stick to exterior images of homes you’ve built. Showcase the small details on the inside. This is what your ideal clients are using to find creative ideas for their own home. Anything custom, like shutters, built-ins, and even the paint and stain details are interesting and what this audience looks for. Every home builder can build a home. Show what makes you the best and most unique in your market.

5. 3D rendering and models: Upgrade your services to wow your audience and set your company apart.

While it’s not necessary, offering a 3D rendering or model during a proposal will garner interest and could even be the differentiator for potential clients. Showing a customer what you could provide them in this way will not only “wow” them, but helps them visualize your work in a better way. Rendering and modeling tools are certainly an investment. Using a tool like Revit, though, could help make the sale for you. In the home services industry, visualization is key. Your client can’t always interpret the look and feel of the finished product from a printed-out floor plan. And once you’ve completed a project, you can use the digital models on social media to build value with your audience.

Every industry has a unique way of interacting with customers through digital marketing strategies. We hope these tips specifically for architects and home builders help you reach the ideal clients you want and keep them coming back to your business. Show off your unique offerings using this guide and show up with your best work online and on-site.

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