Chad Bishop

Leading with Innovation and Style

Chad Bishop, of The Chad Bishop Group at Fort Lauderdale-based One Sotheby’s International Realty, is an innovative team leader with a clear purpose. Since 2014, his objective of maximizing his own personal and professional potential has inspired a passion for teaching others to do the same. He loves coaching, mentoring and educating, with proven results in a robust total volume figure of $86 million in 85 closed and under-contract sales.
            Chad attributes his earnings to his energetic 10-member team, a dedicated director of operations, Tania Castro, and a healthy list of outsource vendors, all of whom he considers “family.” When Real Producers wanted to know more about how he chooses agents to join his team, Chad readily responded,  “I look for newer agents who are hungry to be educated and who are willing to be a team player. I want us to be a family and to work together. Typically, when an agent joins my team, they have less than six months of real estate experience.”
Awards in 2022
            The Chad Bishop Group received many commendations in 2022. Sotheby’s named them in their international “Most Closed Sales'' list seven times, while Fort Lauderdale Magazine placed the team among the “Best Real Estate Group of Fort Lauderdale'' for a second consecutive year. Additionally, the magazine recognized Chad in its client-polled “Best REALTORS® of 2022.”
Along the Way
            Chad Bishop grew up in West Bloomfield, MI, in a family of five children, which he described as a normal and stable family. Early on, his father instilled a sense of generational responsibility in the three boys, with clear direction that they would take over the family business, a shoe sales company known as Mr. Alan’s Shoes. Chad entered Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI, with the objective to help the company. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in supply chain management, a degree which he determined would well serve his purpose and earn him a $100,000 income straight out of college.
            The next chapter of Chad’s life, however, confirms that even the best laid plans can change.
Fun, Sun and a Marriage Proposal
            Chad recounted his first trip to Florida: “In 2002, I visited a friend in Miami and, soon, told my family I was moving to Florida. I just didn’t want to live in the cold weather anymore. I wanted to establish myself in Florida and learn tools that would help me further the family business. After the move, everything evolved.”
            Ambitious, young and single, Chad chose Fort Lauderdale as his home. He worked and played hard. He had a real estate license but hadn’t yet committed to it as a full-time job. For fun, he joined “Redball,” a social group of adult kickball players which met frequently. Perhaps the combination of his colorful, spirited personal style and a whimsical introduction transformed an otherwise casual passing moment to fate when, at a “Redball” event, asked an attractive woman, “How much does a polar bear weigh?” She responded with, as he described, “crazy eyes,” leading him to quickly proclaim, “Enough to break the ice!”
            Which, clearly, it did!
            Kristen and Chad dated and, eventually, Chad wanted to propose marriage. But, there was a “catch.” Chad recalls, “I had just asked my future father-in-law if I could marry his daughter. He told me, ‘Chad, I love you like a son. But I can support my daughter financially. I need someone who can support her emotionally.’ I was traveling 300 days a year, and he knew his daughter deserved someone who was around more. At that point, I left my traveling shoe salesman job, a family business, and I got into real estate.”
Family Promises and a New Perspective
            Chad and Kristen married and, in a short time, had two sons. Chad and his good friend Michael Clouston had formed a solid professional team while working the Fort Lauderdale market together at Real Living Infinity Real Estate. They knew the area well and appreciated their town as a small/big city on the ocean, with strong international market value. Chad and Michael began eyeing Sotheby’s International for not only a better price point but, with its 3,000 global agents, a solid source of international referrals.
            With young sons to consider, Kristen also requested that Chad spend more time with the family. Chad pledged his weekends to them and, in 2018, joined Sotheby’s International Realty.
“Sphere of Influence”
            In 2017, looking to bolster his own team leadership skills, Chad had attended many workshops with business coach Brian Buffini. Chad took to heart a fundamental business concept, which he currently shares with his team, about how their nurturing a team’s “sphere of influence” is the best way to increase sales. For Chad, the concept was a game-changer.
            In real estate terminology, a “sphere of influence” (SOI) is defined as all of a REALTOR®’s professional connections. An “SOI” includes friends, family, previous clients and every lead gathered through marketing and networking. Most importantly, an SOI includes referrals.
            “At the end of the day, it’s all about building a 'sphere of influence' and more referrals,” he says. “Keep your 'sphere of influence' happy! That’s how the team is building our business, a hundred percent!”
Moments of Inspiration, Pillars of Strength
            Chad Bishop’s professional and personal journeys are inseparable. His vision includes continuing contributions to charities like “No Kid Hungry” and various cancer nonprofits with a donation of 10% of his net profit. His goal is a total contribution amount of $2 million.
            No goal is stronger, however, than his promise to his family. He loves spending time with Kristen and his three young boys, aged 7, 5 and 9 months — and is ready to commit to spending more.
            Chad’s moments of inspiration have become his pillars of strength. With his leadership, The Chad Bishop Group is moving forward confidently in 2023 and for many years to come.