Beth Daly

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“Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful”.  Zig Ziglar

Beth Daly, a Broker Associate with RE/MAX Experience is familiar with overcoming obstacles. At 17, Beth moved to Fort Lauderdale from Pittsburgh as a newly licensed Cosmetologist. By 1985 Beth was one of 5 proprietors co-owning Le Hair Club; a successful salon in East Fort Lauderdale. Many of Beths customers were Realtors, Brokers, Builders and Architects. In the mid 90’s an unfortunate accident rendered Beths upper right body completely numb. The accident had exacerbated a disease - that until then (due to some unusual “symptoms”) was only considered a remote possibility.  Beth received a devastating diagnosis of Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. As a single Mom to Brittany, Beth did not know what the future held for her mobility and life in general. She was terrified, acutely aware of her new harsh reality. She realized that she had to pivot swiftly, to discover a new career which would support them.

A New Chapter
Reimagining herself in her mid-30’s was a monumental task.   Learning to navigate the world without her dominant side was overcome by learning to be ambidextrous. It wasn’t pretty but she got the job done! Her loyal salon customers were so helpful, supportive and encouraging during that time that she decided to take their advice and move ahead choosing to pursue a career in real estate in 1998.  Those who were in the business shared their knowledge and experiences. Several who were not hired Beth to work as their trusted Realtor and thus her success began with the transition being pretty seamless as “her loyal tribe” stayed with her and literally ushered her into her new career.   
Success was the ONLY Option
With nearly $134 million in career sales volume, Beth certainly seems to have found her niche. She knew that she had absolutely no choice but to succeed. She wanted to provide the most beautiful life for her daughter. She remembers how elated they were when they moved into their new home 22 years ago. Her career transition was successful! Amassing nearly 700 domain names over the years, Beth nurtures the organic leads that they generate as well as the constant flow of referrals from past customers – many who are now friends. As she will attest, hard work, determination and dedication pay off!  Real Estate is all about relationships, respect, honesty, trust, integrity, patience and skill (quite similar to the hair salon in many ways).

Giving Back
Always a civic minded neighbor, Beth is grateful to serve on the Broward Housing Council as well as being a Trustee of the Broward Realtors Charitable Foundation. “The Foundation” is a group of kind hearted Realtors who provide assistance to local folks who have nowhere else to turn.  We are currently preparing for our annual Holiday Party for the children at The Broward Partnership for the Homeless. Homelessness is not the business of children and some of these dear babes have never experienced the joy of the holiday. This is one of the greatest blessings of the season for all of us.

Final Thoughts
It is an honor to be chosen as someone’s trusted Realtor. Treat others as you would hope they would treat you. Always be respectful of people’s time, needs and goals. Pay strict attention to timelines and contract nuances and always do your very best.  
Never give up! That which could have set her back was actually the door opening to her brand new career and a better way of life. Overcoming obstacles and helping others is what this Top Producer does best!