Ashlee Harry

Driven, Dedicated and Determined To Make Dreams Come True

“I’ve been in real estate just shy of 10 years,” says Ashlee Harry. “I feel like I'm the new kid on
the block, but I’m not,” she jokes. A go-getter and a driven and determined woman, Ashlee
seizes every opportunity she can in real estate.

Her love for real estate dates back to her childhood days. “My dad started a construction
company many years ago,” she explains. “I always worked with him during the summers. My
job was the nail puller, the dumpster stacker and the chalk line snapper. There is an art to
stacking dumpsters; it’s like Tetris.” After all, there is only so much space.

Ashlee’s ability to get the job done was instilled in her during her youth. For her career, she
worked for a heavy civil construction company before falling into real estate. “That was largely
tied into everything that I had done prior,” she explains.

Real estate suits her. Refusing to be confined to an office, Ashlee blazed her own trail in real
estate and now works for Coldwell Banker Realty.

“Coldwell Banker Realty is like a second home,” smiles Ashlee. “I like everything about it. It feels
like family with the people, space and support.”

Drawn to their educational emphasis, Ashlee started her real estate career here and is still
there today. “Because I had the construction background and not the real estate background, I
wanted the company that was going to give me a strong real estate foundation to build from.”

Flourishing and Thriving

With a career volume topping $150 million and more than 460 units to her name, Ashlee
says “yes” to every deal. Even putting homes under contract while on vacation, Ashlee’s
tenacity and resilience are remarkable.

“I take on anything and everything,” she admits.

Best of all, she genuinely loves what she does. “It’s completely different every single day,”
smiles Ashlee. “You’re always on the go, always moving, and always learning new things.”
Expect to find Ashlee on the go in her Charger Scat Pack, which is a showstopper with her

Eager to learn as much as she can, Ashlee has over 14 designations. “It’s not because I’m trying
to collect them all,” she points out. “There are always so many new things to learn. The market
is always changing. Technology is changing. Nothing in the world is stagnant.”

Work Hard, Playing Harder

When not working, Ashlee loves to play. She shares, “When I take a vacation, I go to the
craziest place I can think of.” She takes her parents with her but doesn’t announce the
destination until a couple weeks beforehand.

A world traveler, Ashlee has visited Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Egypt, China (twice), Dubai
(twice), Qatar, Vietnam, Italy and Spain. Not to mention Antarctica. “It was so much fun and
not that cold,” says Ashlee. “From a native Floridian, it wasn’t too bad!”

Family First

Family is first in her book. With close relationships with her parents and her brother, who both
live on the same street, family is near and dear to her heart. Her brother even found Ashlee a
furry friend. Last year when her brother knocked on her door and she opened it, a dog walked
inside. Ashlee adopted this high-energy dog named Beagle. “He’s super sweet to me, but I will
not be bringing him on showings,” she jokes. He is still learning his manners.

From pulling nails for her dad growing up to showing clients picturesque properties, Ashlee is
making dreams come true with her drive, dedication and determination. This real producer
wouldn’t have it any other way.