Gabrielle DiTommaso

Crushes the Competition

With $50 million in sales in 2021, Gabrielle DiTommaso has risen to the top of real estate in Fort Lauderdale. Her passion for real estate stems from a young age. When she followed her passion, Gabrielle achieved more success than she ever thought possible.

“I always wanted to do real estate,” says Gabrielle. She has fond childhood memories of going to open houses with her mother growing up. Little did she know that her dream of being in real estate would come true decades later.

From Hair to Houses
Originally from Philadelphia, Gabrielle enjoyed a career in the hair and makeup industry as a cosmetologist before discovering real estate. A stylist of 15 years, she connected with her clients as she helped them look better than ever.

Although she was born up north, Gabrielle had the desire to move south. She comments, “I wanted to live in Florida since I was a little kid. I moved here in July 2010.”

When Gabrielle moved here, she worked as a cosmetologist for a year before starting a whole new life and career, earning her license in 2012.

“Nothing else was holding me back, and it was the best time to do real estate. I knew it was going to take time to build up referrals and build my business. I put everything into it,” she says. All of her effort paid off.  

“The hardest part was trying to build a base and go through every bit of my savings,” says Gabrielle, who was willing to sacrifice. “I feel very fortunate.” With real estate as her sole source of income, she was determined to make it.

Constant Communication
Relationships are the heart and soul of real estate. In building her business, Gabrielle is careful to stay in touch with her clients. She encourages new agents, “Always remember and make sure that the biggest thing is keeping up with everyone you meet and follow up with them. Keep a relationship with every person that you come into contact with.”

Equally important is building a great relationship with other agents. “Always network as much as you can,” she adds.

Making Her Mark 
Gabrielle started with Panton and Co., a small brokerage focused on luxury and high-end real estate in the Harbor Beach market and the Las Olas market.

“I learned a lot from that broker, whose name is Barb,” says Gabrielle. Through hosting open houses in Harbor Beach, she learned to be comfortable with the luxury market. She has a heart of gratitude for Barb, a REALTOR®, and credits her for learning a wealth of knowledge. 

A year and a half ago, Gabrielle switched to Compass. She explains, “I had a friend who was working for Compass, and he asked me to work together with him and build a team.” She agreed and found her fit, especially with all the technology that Compass has to offer.  

Working alongside her business partner, Chip, Gabrielle built her business through referrals and repeat clients. 

Soaking Up the Sun 
In her free time, Gabrielle enjoys going to the beach, taking her golf cart out with her puppy. To relax, she enjoys personal training and frequenting F45. 
“I also love going out to dinner with my boyfriend and hanging out with friends,” she adds. Prior to COVID-19, Gabrielle traveled extensively and may resume in the future. 

Nothing worth doing comes easily. Gabrielle put everything into launching into real estate. Relying on savings, she invested in real estate, which has paid off in more ways than she ever could have imagined.