Dan Luckenbaugh

Advanced Air Quality Services, LLC

Dan Luckenbaugh, owner of Advanced Air Quality Services, LLC, takes pride in helping his clients breathe easier.
“I like helping people with a problem that most people don’t understand, and some don’t even think is a legitimate issue in some cases,” Dan says. “When my clients live, work, and play in a cleaner environment and tell me they are experiencing fewer health problems I know I’m in the right profession.”
Specializing in indoor air quality, mold testing, and air purification, Dan and his team provide a unique combination of services to ensure their clients can "breathe easy" in healthier environments. With over two decades of experience, many certifications, and a deep commitment to ongoing education and innovation, Dan stands out as a leader in his industry.
Born and raised in York, Pennsylvania, Dan's journey into the indoor air quality business was not a straightforward one. He attended Clemson University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural design and a minor in building construction.
After graduating in 1991, Dan returned to York and took over a construction and remodeling business. However, it was during his time as a home inspector for real estate transactions that Dan discovered his passion for indoor air quality.
“While taking different training courses for the home inspection business, I took a course on mold testing and I took an interest in that field,” he says. “I continued my education by learning everything I could about the indoor air quality business and I have enjoyed helping my clients create cleaner, safer, healthier indoor environments ever since.”
Dan continued to acquire knowledge and expertise in the field, which ultimately led to the establishment of Advanced Air Quality Services. Services Dan and his team offer include mold and air quality testing, mold remediation, installation of air purification units and offering a wide range of eco-friendly surface protection products.
“We deal with indoor air quality issues for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, testing for mold, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, allergens, mycotoxins and anything else that might be affecting the indoor air quality.  Along with testing and inspections, I also provide consulting services for clients who need to be led through the remediation or sanitization process for their indoor environment. I also sell and install industry-leading air and surface purification equipment.”
Dan's commitment to education and constant improvement is what truly sets him apart from the competition. When asked about what distinguishes his business, Dan explains, "I don't think I really have any direct competition because no one else provides the same services and the same combination of services that I do in my service areas. I pride myself on being super responsive to my clients' needs and making sure that I listen to and fully understand what their concerns are."
In addition to Dan's extensive experience in the field, he collaborates with a network of other professionals in the industry, allowing him to tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise. His background in construction further enables him to comprehend how buildings are constructed and how they function, which is invaluable when addressing indoor air quality issues.
When a new client approaches Dan, he delves deep into understanding the problem. He asks questions about the nature of the issue, its duration, the people affected, and other critical details. Once he has a comprehensive picture of the problem, he proceeds with a plan to diagnose and treat it effectively.
“After the proper diagnosis through testing and inspection, I come up with the proper treatment plan that could entail remediation, sanitization, lifestyle changes and/or air and surfaces purification. I don’t just tell customers what’s wrong and leave them to figure out the next steps. I partner with my clients to come up with and implement the proper solutions.”
Dan's advice to clients looking for services in his industry is to ask potential providers about their education, training, experience, and certifications. He cautions against choosing solely based on the lowest price, emphasizing the importance of quality and expertise.
Of equal importance, Dan advises home and business owners not to wait until a problem “looks” like a problem. “You don’t have to see a bunch of mold on a wall or have a flooded basement to actually have an indoor air quality problem. Having breathing issues, allergenic reactions, asthma flare-ups –any of these could be a sign of an issue that should be diagnosed and addressed.”
Over the years, Dan has been at the forefront of advocating for clean indoor environments. He has consistently advised his clients to maintain clean surfaces and air. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March 2020, many turned to Dan with questions about the importance of indoor cleanliness. His response was clear: "Keeping surfaces and air clean is not just for COVID. Healthy air quality is the best way to protect your indoor environment from mold, bacteria, viruses, and many other contaminants."
As a local business owner in Central Pennsylvania, Dan appreciates the community and the values he was raised with. He is proud to have three brothers who share his dedication to honesty and hard work.
A proud father, Dan and his daughter often spend quality time together, enjoying adventures and traveling. “My daughter is fun, funny, sweet, caring, shy, a little adventurous and always polite to everyone she meets,” he says. “We love to go on vacations together to the beach, on cruises, to museums, amusement parks–anywhere fun and new. We love to ride roller coasters and go ziplining. Our next bucket list trip is a cruise to Alaska.”
 Dan's hobbies include traveling and playing golf (“My game is a work in progress”), but his true passion lies in his work. He keeps up with the latest technologies and innovations in the indoor air quality field to offer the best services to his clients.
As he reflects on the future, Dan is excited to continue helping clients create healthier indoor environments. His commitment to excellence and his dedication to making a positive impact on people's lives remain unwavering. Whether it's through expert advice, meticulous testing and inspections, or advanced air and surface purification, Dan Luckenbaugh and Advanced Air Quality Services, LLC, are leading the way in ensuring the air their clients breathe is clean and safe.
In Central Pennsylvania, Dan's business represents a commitment to quality, integrity, and the well-being of the community. With a strong foundation in education, experience, and a passion for delivering healthier indoor environments, Dan Luckenbaugh is a trusted figure in the field of indoor air quality.
“Just as keeping your car running or keeping your body healthy takes some effort and expense, so does keeping your indoor environment ‘healthy.’ From diagnosis to remediation and ongoing care, ensuring the quality of the air you breathe is worth every bit of effort and expense. It’s an ongoing process.”

Advanced Air Quality Services, LLC
Dan Luckenbaugh, owner
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