Gina Baum

Howard Hanna Real Estate Services

Gina Baum is a powerhouse in the real estate industry.

Holding licenses as a Realtor® in both Maryland and Pennsylvania, Gina is a consistent top producer and ranked in the top 1% nationwide.

"My number one priority is making my work about my clients, not about myself, Gina says. “When a client calls, I answer the phone. And I treat everybody like family.”

With a focus on timely and effective communication, Gina offers over 16 years of experience in helping clients achieve their home ownership goals.

“My joy and satisfaction in my work comes from making other people happy. And buying a home is a big purchase for people, it’s a big life event. So, I’m there for my clients. When I lay my head down at night, I have to feel good about myself. “

Signs of Success

A native of Timonium, Maryland, Gina has spent over a decade calling Stewartstown Station in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania her home.

When asked how she got her start in real estate, Gina says it was “in the cards.”

"I had gotten a reading done, and they told me that I was going to get into real estate,” she laughs. “The reading said I was going to flip homes, and my family was going to help me. Now the only part I liked about that was I was going to get into real estate. I wasn't planning on investing. I wasn't planning on flipping.”

At the time, Gina was working in graphic design. She had just gone through purchasing a home and remembers the experience as being less than positive.
“I felt that the agents were strictly out for their commission and didn't care about the client. I really wanted to do that Erin Brockovich thing where she says she hates attorneys, she's not an attorney. Well, I wanted to flip that and say ‘I am a real estate agent. However, I'm not like most real estate agents. I'm here for you. Everything else comes after.’"

Effective communication is a key aspect of Gina's success, and she emphasized its importance, saying, "I touch base with my clients. After the first point of communication, I say, 'Okay, when would you like me to follow up with you? When is most convenient for you?' And then I ask them what form of communication. Because some people only want to communicate via text, and some prefer phone calls. It's about what works for them, what's convenient for them."

Gina's dedication to meeting her clients' individual needs extends to her availability. "If I'm working closely with somebody, we're under contract, they know that they can get me pretty much up until like 10:00,” she says. “But they know that I don't sleep, so in the middle of the night, if I'm checking my emails, I'll respond to them.”
As for her business, Gina maintains a balanced mix of both buyer and seller representation, aiming for a 50-50 distribution. She doesn't work alone, however. Gina has support in the form of an administrative team and a virtual transaction coordinator, which enables her to efficiently manage her responsibilities.

When asked about her primary sources of business, Gina says, "Past clients and referrals." She actively maintains relationships with her past clients and says prefers authentic and personal communication over a marketing “touch base.”

"I put everybody on drip campaigns, and every now and then, I'll reach out and just send a text, 'Hey, I was thinking about you. We went to this restaurant, and I thought of you.' Or, 'Hey, how's your daughter doing? Did she get married?' I let them know that I'm thinking about them."

At home and in the community

Married for over two decades, Gina and her husband have wonderful children.

Their eldest child has Down Syndrome and was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three. As a mother of a child with a dual diagnosis, Gina empathizes with the daily challenges faced by families in similar situations. She's an active member of both the Down Syndrome and Autism societies.

Their middle son is a captain in the Army Reserves. “He recently bought a house,” she says. “He's also a volunteer firefighter and graduated from Penn State with a degree in engineering.”
Their daughter is the youngest and is attending Penn State majoring in physical therapy. She’s also an avid softball player.

Gina and her family are passionate about ice hockey; she was a “hockey mom” cheering on her middle child, and her husband plays adult league hockey. Despite her busy schedule, Gina remains engaged in her family's activities, proudly supporting children’s endeavors.

An active participant in her local real estate community, Gina serves on the New Membership committee of GBBR (Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors) and has previously served on the MLS committee for RAYAC (Realtors Association of York and Adams County). In addition, Gina volunteered her technology expertise by serving as the webmaster for the Baltimore Chapter of WCR (Women's Council of Realtors). Her list of designations is impressive and includes e-PRO®, CNE® (Certified Negotiations Expert), ABR® (Accredited Buyer's Representative), RRS® (Residential Relocation Specialist), CMRS® (Certified Military Residential Specialist), and Homes of Distinction.

Gina is dedicated to supporting the military through giving back to active, retired, and DoD personnel. Through a Howard Hanna-supported program, Gina contributes 20% of her commission to these individuals to honor their sacrifices and service. She also advocates for the autism community, helping parents navigate their unique challenges and providing valuable support.

Looking to the future
In the ever-evolving real estate industry, Gina acknowledges the significant impact of social media. She recognizes the importance of adapting to new technology and trends, while also highlighting the need to maintain a balance between traditional and modern methods.

Looking ahead, Gina says she doesn’t foresee a market crash despite previous concerns. She's witnessed the continued demand for homes and the low inventory, particularly benefiting sellers. Gina believes that her role is to make the real estate process as smooth and pleasant as possible for her clients, ensuring that they are satisfied with their investments.

Gina's vision extends beyond her current status as a successful real estate agent. She envisions growing her team, aptly named the "Bomb Squad." This team will include agents she mentors and guides, helping them succeed in the industry while adhering to her client-centric and ethical approach.

“My journey in real estate is more than just a career,” Gina says. “It’s a commitment to my clients, my community, and my family.”

With a dedication to making the world a better place—one home at a time. Gina's unique blend of expertise and empathy sets her apart as a trusted partner for her clients on their journey to finding their dream homes.

“When you help others, you feel better about yourself and life in general, right? I live by the golden rule. In our work, in our day-to-day life…it’s what we're all supposed to do.”