Dean Peal, On the Spot Carpet Cleaning

Committed to Doing Things the Right Way

For Dean Peal, working honestly and ethically is the most important thing about running On the Spot Carpet Cleaning—it’s all about doing things the right way. He wants to be known for his quality work and for treating his customers the way they should be treated.
“Every house I go into, I look at it as going into my own house,” he explained. “I think about how I would want my own house to be done, and that’s how I look at the customer’s house. I want to treat them how I would want to be treated, whether it’s a small job or a big job.”
On the Spot Carpet Cleaning offers residential and commercial carpet cleaning services, upholstery cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning in Knox, Blount, and Sevier Counties. “Many people don’t think of getting their upholstery or tile and grout cleaned professionally, but we do that, too,” he pointed out.
Dean got into carpet cleaning 26 years ago when some friends from high school invited him to join their Knoxville-based carpet cleaning company. After working with them for three years, Dean did several different jobs before deciding to get back into the business.
“I enjoyed carpet cleaning, so I was glad to finally have the opportunity to get back into it,” he shared. “A friend who worked at a bank said he could help me get a business loan, so I started my research. I ended up getting one loan for both the van and the equipment—and I was able to get the latest technology in carpet cleaning equipment. In June, I’ll have been in business for four years.”
One unique thing about On the Spot Carpet Cleaning is the cleaning technology they use. “We don’t use the traditional wand that most carpet cleaners use,” he explained. “We use a 360 Eye system, which rotates and agitates your carpet. It has three jets and three vacuum ports, so it’s cleaning the carpet and sucking the dirty water out at the same time. It’s easy to use and has a high quality result.”
The hot-water extraction (HWE) process is environmentally safe and highly effective. In addition, Dean is committed to using only bio-safe and eco-friendly cleaning products, so the process is allergy friendly, too. “People with allergies find that clean carpets really help them breathe better,” he said.
After the HWE process, Dean then goes back over the carpet with a dry pass, using just the vacuum. Then he rakes the carpet and puts air movers on it to finish up the drying process.
The same 360 Eye machine is also used for tile and grout cleaning, just with a different head. “The 360 Eye provides a better quality result than cleaning with a wand—although I do have a wand on my truck that I use when the 360 Eye is too much, like for cleaning area rugs, for example.”
Dean advises REALTORS to recommend to their clients to get the carpets as well as tile and grout cleaned in every house they sell. “It really helps the presence of the house—because even if it doesn’t seem dirty, it is,” he remarked. “It will definitely look better after a professional cleaning.”
In the past year, Dean’s biggest accomplishment has been seeing his business grow month to month—and his biggest challenge has been working on time management and learning how to continue to grow during the slower winter months. His long-term goals are to add another truck and more cleaning equipment and to focus on running the business while his employees are out there taking care of the customers.
In addition to his company, Dean is most proud of his family. When he isn’t working, he enjoys relaxing with his wife and son and filling the time with different family events and activities like bowling, soccer practice, and shooting some hoops with his son on the driveway. Also, since he grew up in the St. Louis area, he’s a big fan of the Cardinals and the Chiefs. His travel bucket list includes going on a cruise and going up to Kentucky to see The Ark.
Dean’s favorite song is the Eagles’ “Hotel California”—but he wouldn’t want to clean the carpets there!