Jennifer Romines, The Carter Group at eXp Realty

Building Relationships…and Loving It!

How many years have you been a REALTOR?  1
What is your career volume as a REALTOR?  $6,030,500
Favorite books or music?
I don’t read much, but I love Richard Blackaby’s Unlimiting God. I’m a music girl; I love all music... rock and roll, classic rock, 80s, hip hop, country. I feel like there’s a song for everything in life. Music just feeds my soul.
What did you do before you became a REALTOR?
I worked in the maintenance/custodial department at Christian Academy of Knoxville for 13 years. I never planned on leaving there, but things happen, and when God closes one door, He opens a window.
When and how did you start your career in real estate?
My broker, Terry Carter, had been on me for about two and a half years to come work for him, and it finally became evident that it was just my time. I did the schooling, took the test, and got licensed. For someone to chase after you for two and a half years, you must be worth it…at least that’s what I tell Terry. I remind him of that, sometimes daily! He and Rebecca both are just great. They’re really good people and they’ve taught me and trained me well. They’re good to work for and work with and be a part of the team.
What has been the most rewarding part of your business?
Building relationships with my clients. I wholeheartedly love to serve and help other people. I tell my kids every day that if you can make one person smile today, you’ve done your job, because you never know what someone is going through. Success to me is helping and serving in every aspect, so building relationships with my clients is probably the best part of it all and what I love to do.
What has contributed to your quicker success?
I’m pretty handy. I grew up in construction, and I was in maintenance at the school for 13 years. All of that really helps me because I’m very knowledgeable on a lot of things. I’m not a licensed inspector, but I do know what to look for and what to point out, so that helps me gain trust with my clients—and I just want to help them make a very informed decision because it’s the biggest purchase of their life.
What has been your biggest struggle? 
There are two. The first is closings. I know everyone loves closings because they get their house and they get their keys and that’s true…but then they don’t need you anymore. That’s a struggle for me because I’m personable and relational, and so a day or two after closing, not having that relationship continue is a struggle for me.
The other struggle is knowing that no matter how much blood, sweat, and tears you put into it, you cannot make everybody happy. So you have to be happy with the amount of work that you’ve done for your clients. Sometimes you pour everything into your job and into helping a client with a home and then you can’t get it for them or there’s a bad appraisal. I can’t change that, no matter how much work I put into it. But ultimately I’ve done everything I can, and there’s nothing else I can do.
How do you spend your time away from real estate?
We don’t get much time away from real estate right now…but if I’m not working, I love to go fishing. There’s just something about the water and fishing that I absolutely love. I’m usually at a sporting event or with my kids doing something, but if I have a few minutes that I can get away, I go fishing or go for a run. Running really helps me to de-stress and so does just being on the lake because it’s calm.
If you could have dinner with one person, who would it be and why?
I would say my stepdad, who passed away 16 years ago. He’s where I get my love of fishing from. He raised me on the lake. I’d love to pick his brain about life. He was in construction and owned his own business. I grew up watching him build houses, and I learned so much from him. He always told me never to get into real estate, and I think that was part of my hesitancy at first when Terry was talking to me about it. But now I’m here and I’m doing it and it’s great!