Meet Portia Husted, Deidra Laurel and Terra Brewer

Article by Alyssa Shikles

When asked why Portia Husted, Deidra Laurel, and Terra Brewer are passionate about real
estate, the three women all said the same answer: helping others.

However, that’s not the only thing these three Realtors have in common. They have recently
joined forces to form a partnership called Husted Laurel Brewer Residential. Deidra and Portia
have been working together for over a year, having met through their independent work at
Compass Real Estate. The newest addition to the team, Terra, has only recently joined,
knowing Deidra from a former brokerage.

“We’ve found camaraderie between all of us,” Terra says. “We can rely on each other, and we
all bring something different to the table. Having that community, resources and friendship — it’s amazing.”

Though the women work in tandem now, they have each had different journeys to becoming the
successful Realtors they are today.

Meet Portia
Portia jokes that she wants to be the queen of Chautauqua, her neighborhood in Boulder. From
hosting a neighborhood block party each year to knowing all the secret spots to even selling
homes in the area — she might be well on her way to royalty.

Originally from Southern California, she joined her then-boyfriend, Chris — a Boulder native —
and decided to move back with him to his hometown. They got married, and she’s been living in
Boulder since 1997. When Portia moved, she continued working in advertising and marketing on accounts such as Toyota, the Denver Broncos and the Denver Post. She was fully immersed in the corporate world, and it grew burdensome to commute from Boulder to the Denver Tech Center every day.

After several years, Portia decided to quit and look for a job closer to home. When someone
suggested she might be good at real estate, she was immediately interested. “I thought I would be a good fit because I enjoy meeting and helping people,” she says. “I love being social and working with houses.”

Portia has now been working in real estate for over 16 years, and the best part of her job is
forming long-lasting relationships with her clients. From helping a 70-year-old client who now
feels like a mother figure to her to assisting a young couple who are now her close friends, her
passion is easing others’ stress and helping them find their dream home.

Portia likes to spend time outdoors, hiking local trails with her dog, Riley, and vacationing to
beaches with her husband. She also enjoys spending time with friends, meeting with the same
group of women every Wednesday for the past 12 years.

“I’m passionate about family, friends and being a Realtor,” Portia says. “I’m so fortunate to have
found my place here in Boulder doing work I’m passionate about.”

Meet Deidra
Boulder County is in Deidra’s blood. A generational native, she’s lived in the area for a total of 31
years. In 1997, Deidra moved from Boulder to Minnesota for 16 years with her husband, Steve. During that time, Deidra worked in the restaurant industry and later as a nurse. However, as her three kids got older, Deidra started to wonder how they were going to afford sending their children to college. She thought it might be time to consider a new career — real estate.

She had always been interested in homes, especially since living in a beautiful 1920s bungalow
in Minneapolis. For her, working in real estate seemed like a good fit with the experience she
gained over the years.

“I love helping people,” she says. “I think that is part of my mothering and nursing skills —
helping people sort through, prioritize, and find the home that is going to meet their needs.”

Deidra has now been working in Boulder real estate for over eight years, and she was able to
pay for her children’s college tuitions as well as her own student loans. Now she is passionate
about guiding her clients through the housing process, and she especially enjoys working with
first-time homebuyers.

Outside of her work, Deidra spends her time with her family and two dogs, gardening and
cooking. She also spends time volunteering at Our Center, a resource center in Longmont that
offers families services such as food, housing, and utilities.

Meet Terra
For Terra, discovering her love for real estate came hand-in-hand with a difficult season in her
life — a divorce. During that time, she knew she needed to find a way to provide for herself and
her three sons. Having previously worked in advertising, she had the skills needed to market herself and the homes she sold. Being able to focus on design, fine details, and branding, real estate was a perfect fit.

Now a Realtor for over seven years, Terra not only has her real estate career established, but
she also co-owns LuDA Interior Design, which she runs with Kourtney Brewer, her sister-in-law
and best friend. As a true extrovert, Terra loves working with people, and she is passionate
about helping others get back on their feet.

“It’s really scary to move somewhere new when you’ve had a partner for so long,” she says.
“When it comes to real estate and design, I really want to help others find empowerment and joy
during the incredibly difficult transitions of their lives.”

Terra’s joy comes from finding a healthy work-life balance. She often spends her time outside of
work in yoga studios, exploring the outdoors and road-tripping with her sons. Originally from
Southern California before coming to Boulder, she still considers the beach her happy place.

For Terra, real estate has become a rewarding chapter in her life. “I gave so much of my heart to my family, and now it’s so rewarding to find this next chapter of my life and career, knowing in difficult times, I will always persevere,” Terra says.

Giving back
Every year Deidra, Portia, and Terra work together on an important cause that has personally
affected each of them: Holes of Hope, an annual golf tournament that fundraises for the Tebo
Cancer Center in Boulder.

Portia co-founded the fundraiser 14 years ago after her good friend was diagnosed with breast
cancer. Over the years, the event has grown and raised over $500,000. Now, Deidra and Terra have also gotten involved, and the team sponsors one of the tournament’s golf holes together. 

From helping clients find housing to supporting others through philanthropy, the three women have come together to support the Boulder community.

“We all believe it’s important to do good and give back, and we are committed to investing our
time and energy to our community and our clients.”

Contact information:
You can reach Portia Husted at 303-868-3558 or
You can reach Deidra Laurel at 720-840-2212 or
You can reach Terra Brewer at 720-745-9962 or