Lindsey Cynoski

Meet Lindsey Cynoski, a true Colorado native with a heart for her community. 

Lindsey has been rooted in Boulder since she moved here from Vail in first grade. Although she ventured away for college, she found her way back when her second daughter was born in 2016. She completed her college degree at University of Colorado, but not before exploring different majors along the way. She smiles and says, “I was one of those students who took forever to decide on a major.” Finally, she settled on mass communications and English, embracing her passion for both fields.

Lindsey's journey into real estate began in 2003. While working as an assistant in a real estate office, she discovered her interest in the industry and, encouraged by her mentor, took a leap and acquired her license. She says, “Although I didn't remain an assistant for long, that experience ignited my career in real estate.” 

She later worked as a sales associate for a developer in Denver and eventually became the regional director of marketing for Willits Town Center in Basalt. However, when the market crashed in 2008, Lindsey decided to pursue another dream she’d had since college – owning a women's clothing boutique. Despite her love for reading and the desire to pursue a Ph.D. in English, she followed her passion and successfully owned and operated this small business until 2016 when she sold it to a friend and returned to Boulder.

During her time in Carbondale, a small town at the time, Lindsey truly embraced community
involvement. Running her clothing store allowed her to integrate into the community, network, and identify her niche markets through events and support for local initiatives. She even organized many local events, trunk shows, and an annual fashion show. This invaluable experience shaped her community-oriented approach, which she carried with her when she returned to Boulder.

Lindsey has always had a natural talent for connecting with people. Whether she was helping customers choose the perfect outfit or guiding clients through the process of buying or selling a home, she finds joy in meaningful connections with others. She says, “Sitting behind a computer all day is not my style – I thrive on human relationships.”

For Lindsey, the most rewarding part of her business is finding a mutual respect and appreciation between herself and her clients. “Whether it is assisting an investor with their first property or guiding a first-time homebuyer, witnessing their excitement and gratitude is what truly fuels my passion." She believes in serving all clients equally and cherishes those who value her experience.

This approach to her work allows Lindsey to build strong relationships with about 90% of her clients -- some even become close friends. While she is open to working on a transactional level, what truly excites her is the opportunity to build these lasting connections. Her recent experience helping a first-time young homebuyer in a challenging market was particularly fulfilling, as she appreciated the added challenge and the client's sense of appreciation. His parents even called Lindsey to thank her!

Upon returning to Boulder, Lindsey embraced a mindful approach to choosing which companies she wanted to work with, avoiding large firms where she might feel lost in the crowd and seeking out those providing a nuturing environment. She joined PorchLight, enticed by the company's exceptional support staff and mentoring programs and stayed there for five years. Now at milehimodern, along with an amazing staff, there is a specialized business coach that she finds extremely valuable and helps the company prioritize individuality.

Lindsey's primary focus is on real estate in Boulder County, and she readily directs clients to other professionals if their needs fall outside her area of expertise. According to Lindsey, individuals now have a wider range of reliable options and more time to contemplate their choices, unlike the previous norm of making rushed decisions. She emphasizes the value of allowing ample time to digest the process before committing to a decision.

On a personal note, Lindsey has always been deeply involved in her community. Prior to dedicating her time to her children, aged 9 and 6, she served on the board of EFAA (Emergency Family Assistance Association), contributing to their fundraising efforts. Now, her focus is on her children's schools, sports activities, and neighborhood events. She volunteers at Foothills Elementary, where she also helps with fundraising. Additionally, Lindsey sponsors various sporting activities, such as the North Boulder Little League. While she looks forward to returning to EFAA in the future, she currently supports them monetarily. In her neighborhood, Dakota Ridge, Lindsey actively plans engaging community events for both adults and children.

True to her Colorado spirit, Lindsey and her family lead an active lifestyle. They embrace skiing in the winter and camping during the summer. Lindsey herself is an avid runner, favoring trail running for its mental and physical benefits. Her son is passionate about sports, making Lindsey a proud baseball and soccer mom. Her daughter, on the other hand, excels in dance and gymnastics. Meanwhile, her fiancé is a bike racer, and they wholeheartedly support his training for the Leadville 100, an event he has tackled ten times already. When camping, Lindsey says, “I camped as a kid and thought never again, but thanks to my fiancé and his truck equipped with a cozy built-in camper and comfortable bed, camping has become a whole lot better.” 

On rainy days, they enjoy indoor activities such as visiting the planetarium at Colorado University or catching a movie. The family loves exploring new destinations. Recently, they spent their spring break in Belize, which left the children in awe of the incredible experience. They try to pick a new place each year to explore and are always up for any adventure, big or small. Additionally, Lindsey goes on an annual girls' trip to The Rosewood in Cancun, Mexico – an occasion she really looks forward to. This fall, the family plans to visit Vancouver, Canada. For adults-only trips, Napa Valley, California, is their go-to destination.

The relationships Lindsey has built with fellow Realtors and the community are incredibly important to her. She values a collaborative rather than competitive atmosphere, where Realtors support and work together towards a common goal. Lindsey prides herself on being approachable and ensures that her clients and colleagues know they can rely on her, even during challenging times.

You can reach Lindsey Cynoski at (970) 366-1691 or