Warm and Engaging: Meet Lauren Daniels

A Real Estate Journey Rooted in Passion

With roots that stretch from the tropical paradise of Hilo, Hawaii to the charming town of Harvard, Illinois, Lauren Daniels found her true home in Boulder, Colorado. It was a serendipitous encounter during a weekend visit that led her to make the life-changing decision to relocate. Lauren says, “The Flatirons were jaw-dropping, the town was adorable, the weather was spectacular! I was immediately in love. A few months later, I made it official.”

Before embarking on her real estate career, Lauren devoted five years to teaching elementary
education, kindergarten through 2nd grade. The skills she acquired in this career make her a better Realtor because while working in education she became proficient in honing in on different personalities and how those personalities learn best. That’s also a very important skill in real estate to ensure connections with the wide range of clients she encounters. 

Furthermore, running has always been a passionate pursuit for Lauren, and her dedication led her to qualify for not just one, but two marathon Olympic Trials. The values instilled by her athletic journey, including unwavering dedication, hard work, perseverance, sacrifice, and a whole-hearted commitment to being "all in" effortlessly translated into her flourishing real estate career.

However, leaving behind the familiar territory of teaching for a commission-based career was a daunting decision for Lauren. The stress and politics outside the classroom had taken a toll on her well-being, and a change was in order. With the support and belief of a few key individuals who took a chance on her, she took the leap of faith. Today, she is eternally grateful for the opportunity to embrace a career that ignites her passion. Driven by her desire to make a positive impact and provide value to others, Lauren thrives on the joy of satisfied clients. Building strong connections is paramount for Lauren, as she cherishes the opportunity
to transform clients into lifelong friends through shared experiences and exceptional service. 

The trust bestowed upon her by clients who refer her to their loved ones is a testament to the trust she creates in her professional relationships. When it comes to clients, Lauren's ideal match is one who places their trust in her expertise and understands that their goals are her goals. A standout example of her work involved assisting an entire family in finding their perfect homes in Boulder County, enabling them to be closer as their family grows. Lauren says, “It truly warms my heart to see family members closer and being able to spend more time together. It also means the world to me that I was chosen and trusted to help them all find their Colorado homes based on their specific wants and needs. We celebrated the final closing with a lovely dinner with all of us together.” This heartwarming experience and witnessing their joy resonates
deeply within Lauren.

Lauren's commitment to excellence is evident in her forward-thinking approach to real estate. Treating her business as a well-oiled machine, she dedicates herself to focused work hours, optimizing her systems to ensure a steady flow of business. By harnessing her most productive hours and continuously expanding her knowledge beyond her current expertise, Lauren embraces growth and stays ahead of the curve.

Looking ahead, Lauren envisions several trends shaping the future of real estate. The pressing need for multifamily properties and affordable housing calls for innovative solutions, rewarding those who can create attractive and accessible options. The work-from-home phenomenon, which has firmly established itself, will continue to elevate the desirability of homes with dedicated office spaces and inviting outdoor living areas. Green buildings and sustainable practices will gain prominence as society's commitment to environmental stewardship grows.

Technological advancements will streamline and expedite real estate transactions, making them faster and more convenient. Beyond her professional endeavors, Lauren embraces a sense of community and is actively involved in volunteer work. She spends her time walking shelter dogs waiting to be adopted at the Humane Society and actively participates on the Special Events Committee for Impact On Education supporting students and teachers in Boulder Valley School District. Lauren states, “We are currently planning the annual gala
which takes place on Friday, August 25th. If you’re interested in attending, please see the information below to purchase tickets!” 

These endeavors hold personal significance for her, aligning with her love for her two cherished dogs and her firsthand understanding of the vital support teachers and students require to thrive. In her moments of leisure, Lauren enjoys morning runs with friends at Boulder Reservoir or on scenic trails. She enjoys reading, hiking with her dogs (Cadence and Dash), and indulging in wine tasting with her husband. They are both big fans of any place that serves a hearty brunch! They enjoy places like Eat! in Broomfield, Lucille's, and The Buff in Boulder, not to mention Huckleberry in Louisville. Weekends are often spent at their cabin in Evergreen, enjoying nature and some downtime. Running remains an integral part of their lives, and while Lauren's focus has shifted, her husband, Matt, continues to compete professionally for Nike Trail, drawing them to breathtaking mountain towns across the United States and Europe. Matt participates in ultra running which is a sport of amazing endurance. Various distances are raced competitively, from the shortest common ultramarathon of 31 miles to over 200 miles!

With all the training that goes into being an ultra-runner, it’s no wonder Matt and Lauren recently
appreciated a relaxing dream vacation overlooking the ocean and the island of Moorea while staying in an overwater bungalow. Lauren says, “It was honestly the most beautiful place we've ever been, and it was so lovely to just relax for a week and be surrounded by such breathtaking views and great company. I'm usually someone who likes to go somewhere once, and then move on since there are so many potential places to visit, but I would 100% visit the island of Moorea in Tahiti again.” If time wouldn’t get in the way, Lauren has many other ambitions she’d like to accomplish. She says, “I’d like to learn at least one new language but preferably two! I’d like to learn to play an instrument, maybe the piano, and I’d like to become proficient at another sport outside of running - perhaps cross-country skiing or golf.”

In closing, Lauren warmly emphasizes her pride in being part of the collaborative team at milehimodern. Instead of a competitive environment, she finds herself surrounded by like-minded agents who share the common goal of success while uplifting and supporting one another. The wealth of learning and coaching opportunities, coupled with the unparalleled marketing resources available, enriches the experience she can provide for her clients. Lauren says, “Being with milehimodern allows me a career where my success is directly related to what I put into it. I love to work hard, and I’m okay with working long days, and strange hours, but I wanted to make sure I’d see the fruits of my labor for putting in that kind of work and time.” The financial rewards she now enjoys far exceed her expectations as an educator, and although it took time to reach this point, the journey has been beyond worthwhile. She goes on to say,
“I am truly a people pleaser at heart, so nothing makes me happier than happy clients after buying or selling a home.”

Lauren's story serves as proof of the power of taking a leap of faith. When you follow your passion, doors open, and possibilities unfold. She firmly believes in providing value to others, whether it be through assisting with home purchases or sales or offering expert guidance on home renovation projects. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence ensure that her clients receive the utmost care and attention.

Lauren Daniels | ldaniels@milehimodern.com | 303-884-8144
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Impact On Education Annual Gala Event Details:
Friday, August 25 | 5:30 PM
Embassy Suites | 2601 Canyon Blvd | Boulder, Colorado
Dinner + Drinks | Live Music + Games | Paddle Raise