Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group: Ryan Bruff

Helping to turn Dreams into Reality

“I know I’m giving people the service and experience they deserve,” says Ryan Bruff, Senior Mortgage Banker at Atlantic Bay, who is determined to make a difference in the lives of his clients. Whether it’s looking for creative solutions to unexpected challenges or delivering fast, personalized attention, Ryan ensures that each transaction is treated with the same level of respect and quality he would expect for his own family and loved ones. 

“I try my best to live by my personal mantra, ‘Help Another Person’. At Atlantic Bay, I have truly changed lives for the better and altered the trajectory of families by helping people purchase homes when they otherwise couldn’t.” Ryan takes pride in being able to approach an “impossible deal” and make it possible. “I tend to see solutions simply, often finding ways to fix problems in a transaction, perhaps being able to structure a deal one way or another, whereas other people might not.” 

Helping those who have been denied previously or have struggled financially is especially rewarding for Ryan. “I get a lot of satisfaction from helping clients who may not be confident that they can even buy a house. I see the barriers in their way and work hard to circumvent them. I help them to achieve that dream and change the future for their family.” The long-term benefits for families who own their own homes vs. renting is a motivating factor for Ryan to work really hard for his clients. "Just knowing that those who fought so hard are going to have an easier time going forward is powerful.”

Ryan has had a desire to be a benefit to his fellow man for as long as he can remember.  He learned through early work experiences how he wanted to treat others. “While in college, I worked as a teller in a bank and as a waiter at a restaurant. The skills I learned from the service industry have taught me a lot about interacting with people and handling multiple tasks in an effective way.” Ryan graduated in 2010 with a Finance degree from the University of Rhode Island. 

A few years after college, Ryan and his wife, Patricia, decided to find a place to settle down and raise a family. The Bruffs knew that the North Carolina coast was the place that they wanted to call home. In his youth, Ryan’s family took a summer trip here to visit his father's best friend from the Navy, affectionately called "Uncle Catfish". Ryan had fond memories of relaxing and adventurous days spent fishing and exploring. The natural beauty of the coast, the warm climate, and the charm of the area called him back, and this time, it was to stay. 

Ryan found his business “home” at Atlantic Bay in January 2017. “Before I joined Atlantic Bay I worked with companies that wouldn’t strive to support my efforts to treat people the way I felt they deserved to be treated. Atlantic Bay is focused on helping people, being flexible, and using common sense underwriting. We create an open dialogue between underwriters and loan officers, which enables us to talk things through and find solutions.” Ryan’s team (consisting of 1 underwriter, 1 processor, and 1 closer) stays the same throughout the transaction process, which ensures good communication and synergy, thus giving the client a smooth and successful experience. 

“One of Atlantic Bay’s mottos is ‘Lending Peace of Mind’. Giving my clients peace of mind during the lending process is so valuable. What really separates us is the flexibility and speed at which we are able to operate. Even during the busiest times, I am closing loans in 3 weeks.”

Ryan is a Certified Mortgage Advisor and is licensed on the east coast from Virginia down to Florida, but concentrates on the North Carolina coastline, specifically in Pender County, Brunswick County, and New Hanover County. He has been in the industry for over 11 years and is continuously growing, creating new relationships, and living his mission of helping others achieve their goals. “I stay accessible to the client and their needs through frequent communication. I pride myself on excellent problem-solving skills and work ethic.” Though Ryan has reached milestones marking his success (he has closed over 240 million in transactions over the last 6 years at Atlantic Bay alone), his personal satisfaction comes from helping families, first-time buyers, and those that doubt their buying potential. “I love helping first-time homebuyers. Last year I did more NC Housing First Time Homebuyer loans in New Hanover County than anyone else. Now, with the down payment assistance rising from $8,000 to $15,000 this year, I am excited to help even more borrowers purchase their first home.”

Faith and family are the most important aspects of Ryan's life. When he has time away from work, he enjoys spending it with his wife and their four young children (a son and 3 daughters). They all look forward to their weekly Friday family movie night, which began long ago as a time of father and son bonding after the younger girls had gone to bed. It grew over time to be a full family event including popcorn and “movie theater” candy boxes! Ryan even bought a small cotton candy machine to add even more fun! The children love watching not just the movies of today, but also some from Ryan and Patricia's childhoods, like Star Wars and Transformers. Fatherhood is a large source of pride for Ryan. He describes himself as a hands-on dad, enjoying the day-to-day moments in their lives and the bigger events, such as wrestling and dance classes, and school activities. Being a loving father helps Ryan to understand the desires and needs of his clients. He sees past the transactional side of the business to see the individual client and their hopes and dreams. He is very honored to be able to help those that are seeking to build a better future for their own families. 

Ryan and his family enjoy spending time with their community of faith at LifePoint Church. Ryan serves as a leader for the parking team at the Leland campus and is looking forward to upcoming events such as a newly formed men’s group and a trip to Israel in 2024. He believes that his purpose in life is to benefit his fellow man and is grateful to have a career that lets him continuously help others.