Tyler Howell

The Meaning of Service

The efforts you dedicate yourself to on a daily basis don’t come without sacrifice, challenges, and long hours. You are the hero for each of your clients as you guide them through the turbulent waters and seemingly growing number of pitfalls on the way to reaching the closing table.

 Tyler Howell is a prime example of that spirit as well.

Dedicated Drive
As a REALTOR® with eXp Realty, Tyler brings a level of dedication to his community that gives true meaning to the word ‘service’.

 “My hope is that the people who get to know me see that I strive to do a really good job for them, whether it’s crawling under houses during walkthroughs, to helping people through the process, I like being there for people to lean on,” Tyler says.

 “I like the tribe mentality of helping each other. The people who are in my circle know that I really care and that I’m there for them.”

 Tyler has a long history of service in his family that he continues to uphold today.

 He was born in a military family and was one of five kids. His father served in the United States Marine Corps, and his family moved around a lot as a result, until settling in San Diego, California.

Answering the Call
As Tyler finished his high school years, he felt the call to serve, as well.

 “Becoming a Firefighter always appealed to me. So I felt a mission to join the fire service. I studied Emergency Management in college and then EMT school working on an ambulance in San Diego.”
 Tyler attended a Fire Academy in San Diego and started building his resume toward working in the fire service.

 “In time I met my wife who is from Southeast North Carolina, which brought us here in 2010. I got hired on by the Wilmington Fire Department that year.”

 On the Front Lines
Tyler still is an active member of the fire department. He took his passion even further by going on to become a member of the Special Operations Technical Rescue Team, as well as a state task force and an urban search and rescue team responding to natural disasters and structural collapses. In addition, Tyler serves on the Swift Water Rescue Team, as well as a Wilderness Search and Rescue Team.

 In time, Tyler added another way of serving others when he entered the real estate business in 2019. He and his wife had bought their first house in 2013.

 “I really enjoyed the process and the due diligence that went into it. The real estate industry really called to me ... assisting people in buying and selling real estate really appealed to me,” Tyler says. “I sat on the idea of getting into real estate until 2019 wondering if I would be able to juggle both.”

Opening a New Door
In 2019, Tyler decided to pursue his newfound urge to start his own business.

 “Owning my own business was a great thought. What you put into your business is what you get out of it. I love being rewarded for the amount of work I put into my job,” Tyler says.

 Tyler’s service to the community as a First Responder honed his leadership skills, as well as his attention to detail and his ability to think critically ... all skills that translate well to his role in real estate.

 “I really love empowering family, friends and complete strangers through real estate. That fills my cup. Whether you’re buying for the first time or as a seasoned buyer ... I like leveraging my experience and knowledge while putting people in the best possible position to realize their real estate dreams ... nurturing a positive and powerful experience for them,” Tyler says.

 “There are stressors for sure. I do the best to shoulder those responsibilities, and make it fruitful financially for my clients. Everyone has their own journey and I’m doing my best to help them reach their goals.”

Wonderful Life
Family is at the heart of life for Tyler, including his wife, Amber, and their son, Declan.

 “She is a huge supporter and the reason why I got my start in real estate,” Tyler remembers. “My family is a huge part of my life and my support system.”

 In his free time, Tyler has a passion for surfing and just about anything water related including spearfishing, boating and hanging out on the beach with family and friends. “I would live in the water if I could,” he says.

 Most mornings Tyler starts the day with a 6 a.m. training session. One of his favorite pursuits is continuing his craft as a Black Belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

 Tyler has a heart for helping, too. He supports the efforts of Nourish NC that works to feed adolescents. In addition, Tyler is a big fan of the Surfrider Foundation.

 As he says, “They host beach cleanups. I like to take care of the earth for generations to come.”
 Another favorite is the Wrightsville Beach Foundation that supports several causes including mental health among First Responders. Tyler is a big believer in the good work being carried out by Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue, the Wilmington Fire Department, Carousel Center, as well as First Responders, Teachers and Military members.

Today, Tyler continues building for the future with eXp Realty as a partner at Tidal Realty Partners, offering unique and equitable opportunities to realtors. In the process, the people around Tyler see all that he brings to each day to help his clients and community ... by exemplifying the true meaning of service.