Alpha Mortgage: Tyler Ausherman

Making Mortgages a Cinch in a Pinch!

Tyler Ausherman at Alpha Mortgage Corporation is guiding people home, one loan at a time. This Mortgage Loan Officer started working at a bank seven years ago, finding his niche in the process. He makes mortgages a cinch in a pinch!
Making His Mark
“I always wanted to work for a bank,” says Tyler. He soon learned that if he ever wanted to make any money in banking, he needed to be into investing or mortgages. “I liked mortgages better,” he reflects. While investing money in a retirement account isn’t for everyone, purchasing a house and achieving the dream of homeownership is important to most people.
Passionate about his profession, Tyler says, “I like helping people find homes.” Seeing veterans get into homes using VA loans is rewarding for this mortgage expert.
“It’s not really work for me,” admits Tyler. “I just really enjoy it. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”
Being in the mortgage industry is a world apart from his previous career in live sound and professional audio. Tyler keeps his love for music alive by collecting vintage guitars and playing the stringed instrument with precision, making music for all to enjoy. In the past, Tyler even performed in eastern North Carolina in a band.
Striking a Chord
Just as Tyler’s music resonated with his listeners, his negotiating and communication skills strike a chord with his clients. He comments, “I pay attention to details. I’m real and honest with people.” His honesty and authenticity ring true with his clients.
“It’s just not taking loan applications and giving you money. It’s walking you through the process and helping you get to the closing table. People trust me for advice,” he says. “It’s making the biggest investment they are probably ever going to make.”
An expert in his field, real estate agents ask for Tyler’s assistance because of his reliability and availability. Tyler comments, “I’m always available. We give a lot of advice to REALTORS® on how to best look at things and help them work through the process if they are brand new agents. We also provide a lot of resources to help them grow their business.”
A confident, approachable, and easygoing person, Tyler helps his people from start to finish. “I really enjoy the process,” he comments. “It’s a very rewarding job. Although there are some stressful times, I can’t imagine doing anything else but this and working for Alpha Mortgage.”
Excelling in Service
Tyler, a passionate and dedicated mortgage loan officer, is committed to providing excellent service to his clients. As he says, “We close on time – every time.” With a focus on closing loans on time and building strong relationships with builders, Tyler understands the importance of being flexible and responsive to his clients' needs.
By utilizing a proactive approach to the mortgage application process, Tyler works closely with clients to ensure there are no surprises or issues down the line. He also works with local insurance agents, and attorneys, which helps to streamline the process and make it more efficient.
One of the things that sets Alpha Mortgage apart is the passion and dedication of the team. Tyler is proud to work with some of the best loan officers in the business, who are driven to succeed and committed to making sure their clients get the best possible service.
“I have a great assistant, Brittany, who helps keep me on track. Without her, I don’t know how successful l I would be; she is very organized,” he says.
“I also have an underwriter named Amanda who has been with me since the beginning,” he comments. “She started as a mortgage assistant before becoming an underwriter and now a loan officer.” He is proud of her successful and driven nature as she will become one of the top loan officers this year.
Standing the Test of Time
When choosing a mortgage company, it is best to choose one that has stood the test of time. As Tyler says, “Alpha Mortgage is the only true local lender in the Jacksonville, Wilmington area. We’ve been around since 1983.” The company turns 40 this year, which is a huge milestone.
Owned by Michael Lopez, the founder of the company, Alpha Mortgage Corporation consists of 40 loan officers. The options are endless. Tyler says, “We do all types of mortgages from forward purchase mortgages – Conventional, USDA, FHA, VA – and reverse mortgages for those who are older and qualify for the program.”
Family Focused
When not working, it’s all about family to Tyler. He says, “I’ve got four kids who take up most of my time outside of work.” He cherishes time with them and makes memories to cherish. With two older boys and two daughters, his children are 9, 8, 4, and 1. “It’s quite a spread,” he laughs. His boys are into Cub Scouts and sports while his older daughter excels in dance and gymnastics.
To relax, you can find Tyler strumming his guitar, which is music to his ears. “I play all kinds of music,” he says with a grin. Country, Rock and Roll, and Jazz.
A Heart of Gratitude
Tyler has a heart of gratitude for those at Alpha Mortgage.
“I’m privileged to work with a great team,” concludes Tyler. “I’ve got a great sales manager (Matt Mathosian) and a great operations manager (Brad Cooke). I’m working at a place where people are passionate about closing loans. Putting people in houses is great. I haven’t found that anywhere else.”
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