Unlimited Property Solutions

Innovation and a Personalized Approach

When Lee Eatmon thinks about the clients he serves through his management company, Unlimited Property Solutions, his dedication to providing them with the best in every aspect shows through. “Whatever the client’s needs are, they become my needs. We ensure personalized service that exceeds their expectations.” That mission holds true for everything Lee does.
Growing up in an entrepreneurial family in the small town of Wilson, North Carolina, Lee learned the value of taking a business and making it better. His family, including his brother, parents, and grandparents, have all worked for themselves, demonstrating pride and workmanship within what they accomplished. “All my life my Grandfather bought and sold businesses and that has become a family tradition. Their motto was, ‘If we do it better than everybody else, then we will be successful’.” Lee was taught that no matter what the business was, you should strive to be the best. “The message was that you could sell apples, cars, or real estate, but as long as you go the extra mile you could be successful. Not necessarily that you should work harder, but be smarter or give them a better product.” Seeing first hand how to build a business or take an existing company and make beneficial changes that lead to success, helped to instill a level of risk tolerance in Lee when it came to embarking on his own journey in business acquisition. “The understanding of risk and opportunity is really what gets me excited.”
Lee graduated from East Carolina University and has been a licensed Real Estate Broker for over 20 years. He began looking at investments and got into the mini storage business. “I really liked the sales scenario. I realized that it's all about client customer service.” Providing the quality of service that builds trust and a solid reputation became a priority for Lee.
When he moved to Wilmington 10 years ago, Lee sought to build his sphere of influence and knowledge of the surrounding areas, unique client needs, and local real estate market. He purchased the Southern Choice Real Estate Academy 8 years ago and still takes great pride in being actively involved as the current director. He also teaches courses, including one on property management, which is an area of real estate service that Lee has been expanding into over the past 2 years.
While Lee continued to lead the Real Estate Academy, he grew his sales and began to hire agents for his team, Carolina One Properties. Currently 18 agents handle the buying and selling side of the business. Lee had been considering moving into property management for a while, when an opportunity in the area crossed his path, and everything seemed to fall into place. “A friend of mine knew I was interested and reached out to me when he was selling his business. It was the third piece of the puzzle to a complete real estate service.” While considering this proposal, Lee reached out to his friend, Trey Thorne, the owner of a large property management company in the Rocky Mount area with the possibility of forming a partnership. Lee and Trey went forward with the acquisition, and have created a business of excellent customer service, built on trust, within Unlimited Property Solutions. “Our main focus is long-term residential rentals. We do handle some commercial property as well.”
Unlimited Property Solutions has offices in both Wilmington and Carolina Beach. Lee works closely with his team to make sure that customer service meets the clients needs and exceeds their expectations. “We are utilizing the latest technology to make sure that we have efficient operations, making the process seamless and easier for everyone.” His philosophy is “service over profits”.
Lee and his team are very focused on the individual client’s needs. “Our service is personalized to fit the client. There's a series of questions that I ask. That information helps us to make informed decisions. We look to see how we can maximize the experience we provide for them.” Both owner and tenant needs are factored into the services that Unlimited Property Solutions provides. Communications, maintenance, and financial aspects are just a few of the many areas that they handle.
Making sure that his team is able to meet those needs and answer any questions that arise is part of the ongoing mission of providing full service real estate support. “If they have questions about their budget, or if the customer wants to sell their rental, perhaps transition to a short-term or long-term position, we've got the experience and the people to make that happen.”
In the near future, Lee is focusing on growing the company in many ways. In the past two years, he has already doubled the business as far as revenue and number of units managed. "I am really proud of the growth that we've had and that is through the relationships with our current owners and the other brokers in the greater New Hanover market that we service. Those relationships are what's helped me expand. It really matters to the client if a recommendation comes through someone that they trust.”
“We are looking to add new employees who are motivated and want to learn the business. We're constantly updating our processes to help make things as quick and as easy as possible. We are implementing more technology, like trying new software and apps to make the experience better for everybody. We attend conferences, host team meetings and have weekly professional development.”
Unlimited Property Solutions also helps support charitable projects in the surrounding area through Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministries (WARM) And the National Association of Realtor Property Management (NARPM). “Whether it's going to give blood or helping at a soup kitchen, we love to give back to the community. We have helped with some organized events, but also have some individual volunteer opportunities on our own as well.”
When the work week wraps up, Lee enjoys spending time with his family including wife Kristina, daughter Kylie, and son Asher. He grew up traveling to Morehead City on the weekend to go boating, so nowadays he and his family often take their boat to explore sand bars or visit local restaurants. You can also find him playing a round of golf, running, or swimming. He has always been interested in physical activity. His major at ECU was Exercise Sports Science with a minor in Kinesiology. He is a two time Ironman, having completed triathlons in Wilmington and Louisville, Kentucky.
There is great value in working with a local company who is part of the community they serve. They are truly invested in the betterment of the area and the local people. They are in touch with the ever changing needs, but stay steadfast in their dedication to make sure that quality of service is always the number one goal. “The most rewarding part of the business is being able to impact people in a positive way, ” Lee expresses.