iiYbi Brokerage LLC (insurance in Your best interest)

Ahsan Naz , Agency Owner

  1.          What is your business name? iiYbi Brokerage LLC. “insurance in Your best interest” ®
  2.          How long has your company served the community? 

iiYbi Brokerage was founded in 2018 and have been helping Homebuyers get Home and/or Flood insurance for their Real estate closings ever since. Today I am licensed to serve NJ, PA, and FL.

  1.          Tell us a brief overview of your business and its values.

 Real estate has changed my and my parents’ life and saw firsthand the power of how owning a home can change the quality of our lives and propel the trajectory of our financial future. The greatest compliment someone can give me is trusting me with helping them protect that investment and secure their financial future by being their insurance agent.

  1.          What is your company’s history? Past and Present?
  2.          How does your experience help set you apart from your competitors? 

What makes you unique? One month before my ex-wife and I got married, we purchased a Condo in North Brunswick. Became a homeowner at the age of 23 and a few years later, we purchased a single-family home and rented the condo. I was one of the youngest homeowners in that development at the age of 27. Whenever a door-knocking solicitor would ring my doorbell and I would answer, they would ask to speak to the homeowner or my parents. None of them ever believed I owned the home haha! I didn’t blame them since every other house they knocked on was owned by homeowners who were much older than me. Later on, we sold the Condo and made a nice return which would allow me to quit my job and create iiYbi Brokerage LLC. If it wasn’t for my real estate transactions I would never have been able to start this insurance agency. I take Real estate and helping my clients with their insurance very, very seriously.

  1.          How important are REALTORS to your company? 

They are the lifeline for iiYbi Brokerage to serve Homeowners to their fullest potential. The best time to help a homeowner is not just before they own the home but as they are considering a property. There is a lot of critical information a homebuyer should know before they put in an offer on a home,  regarding home/flood insurance. I have helped many homebuyers understand the pros and cons of a particular property, differences in coverage between insurance companies, and what kind of coverage is available for that specific home.  A phone call with me before they put an offer won’t just tell them how much their home and flood insurance will cost but what risks they will assume.  Two homes on the same street can vary dramatically in price and what they are insured for. I have been saying this for years. “ A good insurance agent will help you find the best rates but a great insurance agent will do that and help you mitigate your risk”. Since I started I have helped hundreds of First-time Homebuyers with getting home and/or Flood insurance before they close, including many landlords and flippers.
  1.          What are a few things that you’d like the top agents reading Real Producers to know about your company?
  2.          What are some programs that your company offers to                          REALTORS and their clients?
  3.          Tell us about your biggest supporter! Starting anything is not easy but starting anything alone is even harder. I decided to quit my job working as a personal banker of 7 years to get into insurance alone and I have been doing everything by myself ever since. It wouldn’t have been possible without having amazing training and support while I worked in the bank and when I first started. I want to thank my former supervisor when I worked at the bank. We worked together for 4 years and when she would review my work, she was like a Drill Sergeant in boot camp. At the time I hated it, but it was a critical development in my work ethic and salesmanship that helped keep me going. When I left the bank and got my insurance license she made it a point to make sure to be my first customer. She also nominated me to be the president of a nonprofit club and held that title for a year before the Covid Pandemic. It was an amazing experience for me in getting involved with local community events and how to start and finish fundraisers. She has been an incredible friend and my biggest supporter. Thank you for everything Gaby!
  4. How are you involved in the community? I work closely with Lifestyle International Realty, and they engage in multiple community fundraisers and events every month. They do such an amazing job instead of reinventing the wheel I help support them with their fundraisers and community events. It's filled with amazing agents who are dedicated to serving their communities. If you are interested in learning more about Lifestyle Realty I can introduce you to the leadership team.
  5. What advice can you give the top agents of Real Producers? Let me help your clients before they put an offer in on a home. It can help keep the closing smooth, protect their biggest investment, and secure the opportunity for future transactions. 
  6. What are your goals for the future? To continue down the same path of being the best Homeowners insurance agent!