Katie Cory

The Elite Team at Lifestyle Real Estate

After just one short year as a real estate agent, Katie Cory of The Elite Team at Lifestyle Real Estate has crushed the stigma that first-year agents always struggle.  As her one-year anniversary of being an agent approaches this month, Katie can take pride in knowing that her childhood dream of buying and selling real estate has come true in a huge way.  Having already sold over $8 million is proof that she is exactly where she needs to be, and her rise to the top of the Charleston market will be a quick one.

“From a young age, I was obsessed with anything that had to do with homes and interior design. Instead of watching cartoons as a kid, I would watch HGTV! I always knew I would end up in real estate at some point, and finally decided to take the leap and jump into real estate after living in Charleston for a few months. It brings me so much joy and excitement when I get the opportunity to show or see a home, whether it’s brand new or needs some renovations. My job gets fulfilling when I see the joy and excitement on my client’s faces when they fall in love with a home and go under contract.”

Being so successful, so quickly, and at such a young age, Katie faced some challenges when entering the world of Charleston real estate.  Not to mention, she still works another full-time job while being a super busy agent!  Having just moved here from Georgia, networking would become her stepping stone to a life she always dreamed of having.  

“My biggest challenges getting into real estate were being fairly new to Charleston and being young. My sphere isn’t as big as someone who grew up here but I worked hard to build connections with several different groups of people. I work on maintaining those relationships and make sure I time block for all the different groups that I am a part of each month. I also was nervous that people wouldn’t take me seriously because I was young and new to the industry. I overcame this by studying every property before I would show it and making sure I would
know extra things about the property and area so I am confident when showing the home and talking with my clients.”

Learning from some of the best in the business didn’t hurt either, as part of The Elite Team, Katie has gained knowledge from some of the greatest agents the Charleston market has to offer.  Brad Williams and Cynthia Williams have been some of the best mentors a young agent could ask for, helping teach Katie the ins and outs of buying and selling real estate.  Lexi Gladman of Keller Williams has also had a hand in mentoring Katie to be the best agent she can be.  

Staying consistent and putting in the hard work to be successful is just one of the reasons Katie’s star will continue to rise.  With the highest achievable goal of becoming one of Charleston’s top 500 agents, Katie’s hard work will pay off in spades. The determination needed to achieve this goal has no doubt been embedded in Katie since she was a child, she says, “I look up to both of my parents. They are both extremely hard-working and always modeled for me to hustle and work hard. My parents are also very strong and hard-working people and I am thankful I got their grit and determination that helps me in real estate.”

For other young agents in this market, Katie’s journey should be a roadmap to success.  In that regard, her advice is worth its weight in gold, as she says, “Don’t compare yourself to seasoned agents that have been in the business for years. It’s easy to compare and get down on yourself if you aren’t selling as many homes as an agent who has been in the industry for a while but focuses on keeping your head down and putting in the work. The business will come to those who are staying consistent and putting in the work.”

Being consistent has been Katie’s calling card, consistently following up with clients new and old, while building relationships with some of Charleston’s best agents will be the reason she continues to rise in this market.  Katie knows hard work and knows to make in this market, the relationships you make are of the utmost importance.  The most rewarding part of Katie’s success in Charleston is, “Being a part of such a great community of real estate professionals and partners. There are so many great people that I have gotten the chance to meet and learn from in the Charleston real estate community and I am so thankful and honored to be a part of the community.” Our market is lucky Katie decided to call Charleston home, and if you don’t know Katie yet, it’s only a matter of time before she becomes a household name.