Christen Woody

Rising to the Top One Step at a Time

Despite a completely different career path, Christen Woody found her way into real estate in October of 2021. Coming from a career in healthcare as a physical therapist assistant, she was influenced to join the real estate industry upon the sale of their first home when she was introduced to Sherry Lawrence, one of the team leaders of The Lawrence Team with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices J. Douglas Properties. Sherry is the wife of Doug Lawrence who is also a team leader of their business. Sherry was also responsible for Doug venturing into the real estate world years ago.  While Christen had no real intentions of joining the industry, she was encouraged over several years to give it a shot. Now, nearly two years later, she has exceeded expectations and become a rising star in the industry. 

Christen started working at 15 years old in the restaurant industry. She spent nearly a decade learning how to communicate and serve people before she received her bachelor of science degree in exercise physiology.  After working in cardiac and pulmonary rehab for nearly 2 years, she decided she wanted more. She then went back to hospitality, and back to school to receive her associate's degree and licensure in physical therapy.  She met her husband during her service industry years, and they married several years later. She worked in outpatient services for over a year, and then acute care for over a decade as a physical therapist assistant before COVID changed her trajectory. While she still spent some time evaluating her next steps, she ultimately gave real estate a chance. 

As part of a mentorship program, she did her first five deals under Alison Williams. After learning the ropes, she took off, doing $5.8 million in her first full year in 2022. Her membership on the Lawrence Team gave her a positive, encouraging and educational environment to start her real estate journey. As a very family-oriented team, there was always someone she could call with questions or consult for help. With this leverage, she is looking at surpassing her goals even more this next year. 

Not one to sit still, Christen is always on the move. She is always looking for ways to leverage her time and skills and is a constant student of the business. “You really have to be a well-rounded individual,” she states. There are a myriad of skills needed to excel in real estate, and she is constantly working to improve in all categories. She leverages the flexibility of the industry to make the most of her time. By becoming a better version of herself, she can serve others at an even higher level. 

Christen has a strong internal motivation to succeed. Because of her desire to improve and reach new levels of success on a personal level, it’s reflected in her professional success. She has a strong work ethic but also strives to use her time in effective and beneficial ways. It even extends to her car rides, where she will listen to books on tape and podcasts to expand her knowledge. She also learns from her fellow team members as they provide her with a wealth of experience to draw from. Her team has high standards for their agents, and she is more than willing to rise to the call.  

Licensed in Tennessee and Georgia, she has plenty of opportunities to improve her skills and plenty of time to build her real estate acumen. However, she doesn’t let her desire to succeed replace her compassion for clients. Coming from her healthcare background, she loved to help people improve their health and recover the physical abilities they previously had. Now, she lives out that same passion in a real estate context. She knows that selling a home isn’t always a positive or enjoyable experience, and often comes with life changes that can be tough to deal with. She shows grace, compassion, and understanding for her clients, allowing them to find comfort in knowing she will handle the details and they can rest a little more easily. 

Lifelong learning is a core part of any successful individual. Christen exemplifies this by looking for ways to constantly improve and exceed her previous efforts. Her goal is to improve on each transaction and learn from each experience. By taking every opportunity to increase her knowledge, she is constantly expanding her influence and network. With her hunger to succeed and a great support system, she is sure to do big things. 

While she is very invested in her business, she makes sure to spend time with her family. With an almost 5-year-old and a 9-year-old, she has plenty to keep her busy at home. She will often attend sporting events to watch her son play, enjoys anything and everything outdoors, takes her daughter to activities, and does home improvement projects. She loves to run and exercise to keep up with her kids and have energy for her clients. Fellowship and entertainment with friends and neighbors is one of her favorite things. She has been married 15 years to her husband who is a Nurse Practitioner. 

In nearly two years, Christen is well on her way to building something great. Driven by a desire for constant improvement, she is on a great track to rise up the ranks of being a top agent in Chattanooga. With a solid team of talent around her and a desire to improve every day, she is turning into a force to be reckoned with. We hope to see her exceeding her own limits for years to come.