Wesley Bethune

Breaking Barriers

While becoming an agent is relatively simple, the real challenge comes with the nature of the profession. The amount of work required to get your first few listings can be daunting. It requires a lot of hard work and a willingness to engage and grow your network. For Wesley, he was accustomed to working hard already. The only thing that changed for him was the opportunity to create an incredible life for his family. 

    Wesley spent most of his career before real estate working hourly as an IBEW electrician and then doing sales with Tritex Services. He would work a 12-hour day and then spend his evenings working on flipping houses. In 2020 and subsequent years, he made more money flipping homes than ever before. Since he had grown up around real estate agents, he had been exposed to the industry for years. His adopted mother and cousin are both successful brokers in their respective offices. When he finally decided to get into real estate, he was more than prepared for the hard work ahead.

    After getting licensed in late December of 2021, Wesley went all in on his new career. He continued his feverish work pace, taking every moment he could to propel himself into success. “I don’t need anybody to tell me to work harder,” he states. Having an incredible work ethic set him up for a superb first year, closing 24 deals in his first six months, and closing the year with a total of 39 units. Even though he was a new agent, he states, “I never really ran into anything I didn’t expect; I just ran through it.” He was always driven to work hard, and now he is being compensated for the effort he puts forth. However, he has a competitive spirit that pushes him even further.

    When it comes to competition, Wesley loves to win. Fueled by a desire to exceed expectations and prove others wrong, he entrenches himself in his craft. He has plans to be a top 50 agent one day and has no doubts that he will achieve it. However, his dedication to the work came with its drawbacks. While he was scheduling calls at 6 am and on the phone with clients late in the evening, he was on the path to burnout. Chase, his broker and cousin, advised him to scale back and structure his work to allow for a more appropriate balance. Now Wesley takes more time to focus on his family. Taking time away to watch his son’s T-ball games, tuck him into bed, and be more present with family. Understanding he can achieve success without sacrificing what’s most important has helped him to find a healthier lifestyle. 

    Family is what really drives Wesley. Being raised by his aunt and cousin, he looked forward to the day he could give his own son the opportunity to experience the love that he had. 
With his wife and his son of 4 years old, he has all the motivation he needs to work hard. “My focus is most definitely to try and create a work-life balance.” He has been working to find the perfect medium to achieve that and recently brought on a buyer’s agent, Christy Williams, to help him achieve that. By delegating and bringing on people he trusts, he is able to take more time to appreciate and focus on what’s really important to him.

    Above all else, Wesley has an unbeatable mentality when it comes to success. He never found problems in real estate, only barriers to break through. “Nothing was going to stop me”, he says. “One way or another, we’re going to make it happen.” Despite the hardships of his childhood and the many excuses he could have made, he pushed on and powered through setting high expectations for himself. Those high expectations have earned him a healthy rookie year volume, respect from his colleagues and clients, and the knowledge that he has what it takes to push to the next level. They say you can’t beat someone who doesn’t quit. There is no quit in Wesley and no way for him to lose. When things do get hard, he remembers all he is working towards and those he is working for and tells himself “Just keep pushing, don’t slow down.”

    Surrounded by great role models in real estate and with a family to encourage his success, Wesley is on the fast track to being a top agent. He loves the competition and fighting for his clients on a daily basis, and will do whatever it takes to find the home they need. His time with family after hours gives him peace and encouragement to drive him each and every day. While he powers through his second year in real estate, you can see the beginnings of a great legacy in the industry.