Making It Happen

In today’s world of carefully curated social media photos, it can be easy to look at all of those pictures of celebrations and achievements and just see the result   – and not look behind the picture to remember that the path to that moment was likely paved with long, thankless hours, sacrifice and creative problem-solving.
Indeed, the best things in life don’t automatically happen. It takes people with vision, leadership and the follow-through to achieve.
It takes someone like Suzy Taylor.
Sparking Success All the Way Around
As a REALTOR® with Coldwell Banker Annapolis Church Circle Office, Suzy has the spark to make good things happen for those around her.
“I’m a big people person. I love forming relationships. Working with people is number one. I don’t like being behind a desk. It’s fun working with a seller to see them go through the process and get what they wanted for their property,” Suzy says.
“It’s a very good feeling that you’re helping your clients.”
Achieving Greatness
Suzy earned her real estate license in February 2018. Prior to that, she gained a world of experience on other paths in life.
Through time, Suzy has excelled as a performing singer (a passion she has undertaken since she was 12), a salesperson in the jewelry industry, and as a stay-at-home mom for 13 years to her six children.
Suzy combined her passions together, as well … singing in front of crowds in excess of 10,000 people at the national meetings when she was in the jewelry business.
Getting Her Start
As Suzy came of age, she went to West Virginia Wesleyan College where she completed her degree in Opera.
Hitting the Right Notes
For a time, she stepped away from singing before starting up with her current duo again in 2011 with Bill Hruz.
“I am a lyricist, so I sing songs with beautiful lyrics and meaning behind them. I’ve always had a passion for music and singing. Music has always been part of my life,” Suzy says.
Suzy performs a wide range of musical styles, including country, classic rock and contemporary music … everything from Johnny Cash and Miranda Lambert to Credence Clearwater Revival, Pink and Adele. Suzy sees tangible ties between singing and her work in real estate.
“There are many ways that my paths cross,” Suzy says.
“A lot of people who hire me to work with them on the real estate side of things will also hire me to sing, and vice versa. I have had lots of times where one path will lead to the other side of what I do.”
Maintaining a Positive Balance
One of the elements of her work that Suzy also appreciates is having a career that allows her to maintain a healthy balance between work, life and music.
“It’s all about having a great lifestyle for my family. I enjoy that balance of career, family and fun,” Suzy says. “It’s not just about the numbers but about what you do with the rest of your life that real estate allows you to do.”
She treasures time with her family, including her six children — Alyssa, Leila, Faith, Mia, Ty and Jacob.
In her free time, Suzy has a love for traveling. One of her favorite destinations has been Italy. She also has a passion for taking weekend road trips. Of course, singing is at the top of her list. She also likes to hang out poolside with her family and friends.
Creating an Exceptional Experience
Those who have worked with Suzy appreciate the fact that she delivers a truly exceptional level of customer service.
“I pride myself on getting back to people quickly,” she says. “I talk clients off the ledge sometimes and do what I can to make transactions as smooth as possible.”
Congratulations to Suzy Taylor for the efforts she commits on behalf of her clients each day … in turn, making it all happen.