Dennis Huyck

Family Matters

“The best way to define me is as a husband and father,” says Dennis Huyck, leader of the Huyck Team with Keller Williams in Lincoln Park. “My work's passion is helping people through the stressful process of buying and selling their homes, but my motivation to get up and work harder than most every day is my family.” 

Dennis and his wife, Kathleen, spend many of their hours at the baseball, basketball, and softball games of their children: their daughter, Dylan; and their son, Kieran. They’ve also built a tight-knit group of close friends—a network of support in both good and difficult times.

“We spend a lot of time with our friends and seem to have six to eight other kids stay over most weekends,” says Dennis. “Over the years, I have coached my kids’ teams, and I do believe the skill that resonated most was my ability to relate to them. I take a lot of pride in the fact that when I am volunteering at my kids’ school, St. Mary of the Angels in Bucktown, most of the children know me.”

His appreciation for sports began when Dennis was growing up in St. Louis. It’s where he learned how to be a team player and accountable to others. He started working at age sixteen—working as a busboy and at a coffee shop, mowing lawns, and union factory work were early jobs—and learned the same lessons within the workspace. After moving to Chicago to attend Loyola University, Dennis met Kathleen and decided to stay.

“I also stayed due to the business opportunities here as well as the strong networking connections from Loyola,” Dennis explains. “I started out in sales for a sporting goods apparel manufacturer and in technology.”

Before long though, Dennis was encouraged into real estate by a family member. It wasn’t a hard sell.

“My brother-in-law is a developer and wanted someone in the family to sell his properties,” Dennis explains. “I became a REALTORⓇ because I did not have passion for my prior jobs, and I gravitated toward the idea of making a living by helping people.”

Now over twenty years into his career, Dennis still gets a thrill from being a guide and advocate to his clients, protecting their assets and interests throughout each sale. Most of all, he enjoys building relationships. He sees the transaction as just the beginning.

“Witnessing clients take part in new chapters in their lives and being there to celebrate [with them] is simply amazing,” says Dennis. “I have seen countless couples get married, get their parents sorted with proper housing as they age, and have children of their own. I give baby blocks to all my clients’ newborns; I have sent over 300 of them over the years.”

Lending a helping hand to other families reminds Dennis of his ultimate purpose for his business: safeguarding his own family. It’s his ultimate definition of career success.

“Real estate is my path for building security, but not simply financial security,” says Dennis. “What I call success is tied to the ability to provide for my family and build a sustainable business that allows for me to be there for them.”

Dennis also gives back to important causes in his community. While most of his fundraising efforts are centered around his kids’ school, he also supports the West Bucktown Neighborhood Association. In previous years, they’ve provided Thanksgiving dinners for Chicago Food Pantry. This year, they hope to contribute 100 meals. He was also active in Big Brother Big Sister for over a decade.

“I just had lunch with my Little Brother who is now twenty-five years old and a father,” says Dennis. “It is really cool to see!” 

Dennis’s charitable activity is just an extension of his grateful and giving attitude. Aside from his local organizations, Dennis also prioritizes mentorship and accountability among his fellow agents. He believes it crucial to pass on knowledge and expertise to newer REALTORSⓇ.

“It is up to us [REALTORS®] to get better and make our industry and the world we live in a better place,” says Dennis. “We do that by looking out for each other and teaching each other the right ways to do things.”

“My advice to anyone is to write down one thing you are grateful for every day,” he says. “Despite all the ups and downs of business and family, we are some of the luckiest people on the planet. Don’t sweat the small stuff.”