Anna Lee Rindskopf

Real Estate … It’s in Her Blood.

Led by the path her mother, Susie Loparo, forged in real estate, those who know Anna Lee Rindskopf were not surprised when Anna Lee began to rise to the top of the industry, right when she started in real estate.  It’s in her blood.
After 20 years as a hairdresser, Anna Lee’s high energy and extroverted personality, love of
people, and forward thinking nature have sealed her ability to be successful as an agent and team
leader. As Anna Lee puts it, “I found myself on autopilot at the salon, I loved my clients but the
work became way too easy, I needed to find new horizons filled with exciting challenges, in order to keep my attention.”
Nearly six years later, it’s her uniqueness and growing team (The Anna Lee and Company Home
Group) that finds her making her own path. The fairly new team, just two years old and counting,
boasts three agents, two administrators, and an advanced marketing specialist. They cover the
entire Greater Cleveland market and don’t plan on growing too quickly…as she’s picky…and
takes her time to find the right agents that are looking to understand the business the way that she
Anna Lee spends an unusual amount of time and personal attention on the training phase with
each of her agents. Equipping her team members with more than enough tools and psychological
wherewithal to start off as a next level operator. To get up to date, they do in-depth training on
the industry, systems, Anna Lee’s personal tips and tricks, as well as ride-alongs.
“It’s a little unique,” Anna Lee admits. “Because my focus is on growing our team members,
instead of just numbers. I really like promoting everyone and growing as a group. That’s
what I’ve been doing. I do a lot of little things with perks and bonuses, and fun
stuff to keep them thrilled, jazzed, and excited about real estate. And our clients feel our
The whole idea for building a team was brought about from growth. As Anna Lee explains, “I was really feeling like I wanted to ‘deputize more mes’. I wanted to bring on more people who
understood the business from my perspective and who are able to do exactly what I do. I have a unique outlook, because my mom raised me in the business. My learning curve was short and I
was selling quickly.”
“In addition to our world class RE/MAX corporate training, I also give my agents a ton of me. I
double check everything they do until they are fully vetted. And they have access to me all the time, keeping a close connection with my team members so they know how I might answer a client’s question. My team members are operating from the perspective that I would be.”
One of those factors is being proactive - to get their clients the information they
need, alleviate their fears, and make them knowledgeable enough to be comfortable with the
process. Anna Lee and her team are there to clarify all options and choices, back them up, help them make informed decisions, and assure them that they’re holding all the cards.
One of the highest compliments the team gets often is on their prompt, and thorough,
communication. “People are amazed with the speed at which we communicate,” she says. “Every question is answered immediately. If we don’t know it, we’ll get it right away. And we let the client know that we always have their back, and that we’re honest and earnest. We let them know
where we are and what steps we’re working on in the process.”
Anna Lee is also expanding her reach with a property management company that she started with
her husband, Alex Rindskopf, who works for Inspection Tech as a top area home inspector. She
has taken the joint skills they have learned together from his ventures in building motorcycles
and applied that to her real estate business. She couples that with a first class marketing and
graphic design media team - a winning combination for her clients to get maximum results and
higher traffic to listings.
With a large following on social media, Anna Lee credits her swift launch into real estate to her
large network and sphere. The Anna Lee and Company Home Group is also big on philanthropy,
providing consistent donations to worthy local causes and participating in charity events
regularly. “We pay it forward in spirit and we damn sure put our money where our mouth is too,”
she says.
Further instilling her lifelong relationship with real estate is her family connections that reach far
beyond her mother. Anna Lee explains, “My husband is a home inspector, both of my sisters are
real estate agents, my uncle is a builder, my aunt was a big agent, and my dad is a retired home
inspector also.”
When it comes to goals and the future, Anna Lee is looking at what’s directly in front of her and
focusing on growth. “My word for 2023 is GROWTH! Bringing energy towards professionals
and other agents, growing our network and client base, making sure my team understands how to grow their connections, and having good vibes all the time,” she says. “I want to continue growing my sales figures, my team figures, and continuing growing our relationships and our network. In turn, helping more clients and more families. Our trajectory is upward right now. That being said, production-wise I started strong and have grown year over year.”
“I give all due credit to my amazing network (family and friends) for helping me expand outward
and upward. The mentorship of my mother, teaching me the business, and how to interact with
everyone. I owe a lot of my success to her for that…in real estate and in life! I work really hard,”
Anne Lee explains. “The truth is…I freakin’ love real estate! I love working with people. I’m a
people-person. I’m a team player.”