Max Rady

In the Moment

Max Rady is all about the experience. Staying present in each moment, no matter where he is or what he is doing, taking in as much as he can from what is happening around him, appreciating it, learning from it, and, in real estate, being aware of the experience of his clients and doing his best to ensure they are enjoying it every step of the way.
While Max refuses to let anyone experience attempt to define him, he admits that it is exactly how a person responds to the tough experiences and low points that ultimately defines them, and if they are aware enough to recognize it, walk away from the experience a better person. In fact, walking away from a bad experience is exactly what got Max into real estate.
Prior to real estate, Max sold insurance out of a call center and absolutely hated it. “It sucked the life out of me,” he admits. “With the support of my [now] wife, I quit without knowing what I was going to do, but I knew I had to leave that in the past. Sometimes when the weight of anxiety is so strong, you can’t process rational thought or take in information the way you would normally. So, in order to improve my life, I had to eliminate the cause of the anxiety.”
Max went on a few job interviews and knew he wasn’t going to be happy with any of them. “It was just more of the same corporate garbage,” he explains. “One particular interviewer brought me in twice, had me shadow an employee for a day, and had another interview after. They wanted to bring me in for a final interview, and at that point, I knew I wasn’t cut out for that particular company.”
Max doesn’t mess around with opaque nonsense, he craves authenticity, honesty, and directness. In fact, establishing trust as soon as possible is his number one priority when working with clients, and if that doesn’t happen, on either side, he is completely willing and happy to move on. And with the experience of searching for another corporate job, the lack of transparency and the overwhelming nonsense became too much for him.
“I wanted the opportunity to work for myself, for people that genuinely appreciated the hard work I put in for them,” Max says. “Looking back on my previous ‘jobs’ prior to real estate, I really struggled with someone breathing over my neck and getting in the way of me doing my best work. I also needed to get out from under the confines of ‘vacation time’ or ‘sick time.’  I was ready to live life on my own terms.”  
Max ultimately ended up getting into real estate through a client of his wife’s. “I met with her to chat about the real estate industry and what it could offer me. I decided to give it a go, and if I hated it, well, hey, at least I tried something. That was back in 2017 and I’ve been growing my business every year since.”
Ironically, one of the biggest challenges for Max getting started was shaking the 9-5 mentality and expectations. “Walking away from the comfort of a salary or hourly wage is difficult. You have to put in the work to grow your business, and if you aren’t prepared for a slow burn, it can be devastating. Also, the concept of time changes drastically. For about a year, I struggled with the idea of 5 pm being quitting time. Even though I knew I had more work to do, even though I wasn’t ‘done’ for the day, my brain was still conditioned to the 5 pm quitting time.”
Of course, Max was aware enough to recognize all these experiences and walk away from them a better person, and a better agent. The turning point in his career occurred when he left the team he was on to become a solo agent. “I needed to be able to grow my business in the way I wanted to, without asking for permission. I needed to focus on my personal brand and what it meant to work with Maxwell Rady as a trusted real estate agent. By taking that leap, it forced me to start owning my brand and business that much more.”
Fully free to run his business and live his life how he wants to, Max is thriving. When he isn’t working on his business, he enjoys working on cars and is a big automotive enthusiast. He loves driving for the sake of driving, playing music occasionally, traveling, snowboarding, and hiking with his wife.
But no matter what he is doing, he will always prioritize the experience itself, including the experience of others, above everything else.