Hannah Heuser

From Side Hustle To The Long Haul

An Ohio native through and through, Hannah Heuser has dedicated her life to the love she has for the state. Born and raised in neighboring towns (Cleveland and Middleburg), Hannah admits she’s a huge fan of Cleveland. Having lived and experienced numerous facets of the area, including living downtown for some time, her love for the city is the reason she stayed and went to Cleveland State. And her passion is generations deep, as her entire family is just as rooted to the area as she is. “I have no intentions of ever leaving,” she says.  
After college, Hannah worked in retail for a bit, and admits her customer service mindset and skill set came from her experience there. From managing clothing and makeup stores, to working for an attorney managing rental and purchase agreements, Hannah’s work history prior to getting into real estate in 2017 are what set her up for success.
After going through the process of purchasing a new home, Hannah’s mom suggested she give the industry a try. Originally with the EZ Sales Team and Mint Property Group at Keller Williams, working with some major players in the industry was a huge help to Hannah.
Originally her step into real estate was for selfish reasons - she wanted to change her life around and challenge herself. But after five years under her belt, Hannah admits it's not about her anymore, “it’s about the people and the relationships,” she says. “It's not about making money anymore, it's about helping people find a house. I wouldn’t have known where to start if I wasn’t helping other people buy and sell. I want to show others my age that it IS possible to own your own home, and that it’s not as hard as it may look.”
From side hustle to the long haul, Hannah has slowly begun creating a life around real estate. “I might not be the top producer, but my fellow agents are an inspiration to me,” she says. “I don't want to reinvent the wheel, but I want to do my business in a fun way - in my own way.” For the future, Hannah says she’s planning to continue on this path for a long time and while she has no desire to start a team, she is excited for the opportunity to possibly teach or mentor other agents.
With a mindset to help people get from point A to point B, and help them attain what’s best for them, it’s clear that Hannah has her client’s best interest in mind. And alongside that comes the need to keep up with trends and innovations…like social media. Through that, she is able to reach out to people she hasn’t seen or spoke to in years. The process helps her regain those lost connections and rekindle those relationships. The point is to make the connection…not a sale.
“I sincerely enjoy getting to know people. It's been a big game changer for me,” Hannah admits. “I thought I was a nerd in high school, and now I realize there were so many cool people I never had a relationship with…yet they've become good friends, which turned into business. But that's not the focus.”
Halfway through her first decade in the industry, Hannah has made the switch to focus on first time homebuyers. “I'm 30 and a millennial, and a lot of my friends are finally able to buy houses. They're young and have a different mindset, and I want to show them that it's a possibility to own a home versus paying so much on rent. It's a stereotype that us millennials are lazy, but we are working so hard to save money and the market is just business these days. It’s hard to get into a house if you don’t have an established job,” she explains.
In her free time, Hannah enjoys frequenting concerts, bar hopping with her friends, and enjoying being a young professional in Cleveland. No matter the venue size, music and supporting her friends’ bands are a big part of life for Hannah. And at home, she enjoys spending time with her pup, Ozzy (an Australian Cattle dog) and decorating her home. She also supports Alzheimer's research when she can, by participating in walks and fundraisers.
To the next up and coming agent, Hannah had this to pass on, “Be involved every single day, try to get as many hours in as you can. Just be in it. You’re only gonna learn by being involved and being in the throws of it. Also…don’t click on any spam links, and don’t trust the guy that wants to buy a million dollar home in cash. I joke, but seriously….don't click the link.”