Leanne Saffer

Pursuing Her Own Happiness

“Leanne has an incredible work ethic and from day one has jumped right in feet first. She creates a bond with her clients from the beginning that keeps them referring her out to all their friends and family. As a new agent, that is a very special trait. She is pretty incredible!” – Christy Morek, Team Leader
Day one in real estate for Leanne Saffer was in December 2019. COVID was on the horizon and she was living on her own for the first time in her life, with a newborn and a 6-year-old to care for. Despite the looming obstacles and the uncertainty of starting a new career from scratch, Leanne was able to sell 26 homes her first year...yes, during a full-blown pandemic.
“When life gets hard, I succeed,” Leanne says. “I never back down. And if I’m not doing things that make me nervous or uncomfortable, then I’m not living.”
Tough as nails, Leanne comes from a construction background. She grew up on the east side of Cleveland in the small town of Newbury. She grew up in the roofing/construction business and started working in construction with her dad at a young age.
“My dad raised me to be strong, brave, and to never follow the crowd,” she says. “He taught me to do what makes me happy, be selfless, and to genuinely not worry about what anyone thinks.”
Pulling from the lessons her father taught her, Leanne’s first major career was with Newport Siding, where she completed tasks anywhere from hiring to hanging siding with the crew. She stayed there and ran the siding crew for five years before changing careers for a brief period to put her diploma to work as a dental assistant. However, after graduating top of her class at Ross Medical, she gained the confidence boost she needed to take the leap in real estate and pursue her passion.
Leanne fell in love with the real estate process after purchasing her first home in Brooklyn. Having met Christy Morek at a job fair and instantly hitting it off, she joined Choice Group and never looked back. “Joining Choice Group and having the support from Christy and the rest of my teammates has given me confidence that I didn’t realize I had. I have really found my place and purpose in this industry, and I know I’m doing what I am meant to be doing in life,” explains Leanne. Since purchasing a home in Olmsted Falls, Leanne admits, “This community really has my heart. The people, school system, and cheer and dance community in this area are really incredible.”
Not only did the Choice Group greatly influence Leanne and her success, but her presence on the team was instantly felt by her teammates, making a positive impact on them as well. As Mike Mooneyham explains, “I knew from day one when I met Leanne that she was destined to be great at her job and every day she proves me right. What I appreciate so much about her is that, on top of being a single mom, you can see how hard she works at being a great REALTOR®.  And even though I’ve been in the business many years, she still helps teach me things.”
As a top-producing REALTOR®, Leanne says her life revolves around her kids and real estate. When she isn’t working, however, you can usually find her spending time with her tight-knit group of friends, spending time at one of their homes with all their kids gathered together, or at Northcoast All Stars as she and her daughter are a proud part of the competitive cheer community.
Leanne has truly had an amazing start in real estate and is an inspiration to everyone she meets. She has proven to possess the power to pursue what she wants and obtain it. The future will only get brighter from here.
“If you want something, just go for it,” Leanne says. “Everyone is capable of doing anything they want to if they really want it. Tell the universe what you want, manifest it and it will come to life. You are what you think.”