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Perfecting The Art of Home Inspections Since 2010

According to Bloomberg research, Dallas welcomes nearly 250 new residents every day. With that number, plus home-grown population growth and moves, it’s fair to ask where is everyone going to live?
One of those organizations supporting your efforts to find that answer — and homes for our ballooning population — is Home Inspection Solutions, owned by Cliff and Sheri Willis. Day in and day out, the Willises and their team ensure that key standards of housing quality are in compliance before your clients move in.
Cliff began his career as a home inspector in 1997 working with a multi-inspector firm. In June 2007, he had a unique opportunity to work overseas as a quality control inspector building police stations and forward operating bases (FOBs) for the Iraqi police and army and detonation covers over high-occupancy buildings for US troops. 
Cliff returned home July 2009 waiting to be called to Afghanistan. While he was home, he and Sheri decided he would stay home and with that, they opened their inspection company on January 1, 2010. 
As Sheri says, “We’ve had nine, going on ten good years, and we’re very proud of being able to stay in the business. Now we want to grow with new inspectors and people in marketing and scheduling. Also, we want to begin light commercial inspections. We’re excited about the future and our growth plans heading into 2020.”
Every Square Foot is Important
“We work with everything from mobile homes to multi-million dollar homes. The largest house we have inspected was 16,466 square-feet. That one took all day with two inspectors,” Cliff says. 
Home Inspection Solutions offers a comprehensive range of inspection services for properties throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth area.
"In addition to our core inspection services, we're certified to provide termite inspections," Cliff explains.  "Typically, buyers and/or agents need to make two calls—one for the home inspection and another for the termite inspection. But we can do both.  Plus, we are also very knowledgeable in providing inspections for a full spectrum of ancillary inspections, including swimming pools, septic systems, outbuildings and more."
Supporting the Process
As the Home Inspection Solutions team conducts its work in homes across the area, Cliff says his team takes pride in knowing that the way inspections are presented can be just as important.
“We are not alarmists and never scare buyers because of the way we present our findings," Cliff explains. "We never want to be the spoiler in any real estate deal. We just don’t take that attitude. We want to be a benefit, not a hindrance, to the closing process for realtors.  We know how hard agents work to get to the point where we become involved in the process, and it’s a process we respect.”
The feeling is very mutual, and Cliff and Sheri are grateful for the strong, mutual relationship they’ve built with their real estate partners.
“A lot of agents will extend their option period just to work with us – it means a lot to know we have a high degree of trust among the agents we work with,” Cliff smiles. “We’ve been in the business long enough now where we have repeat business within families from one generation to the next. Sometimes we’ll work with clients and they’ll say, ‘You did the inspection for my parents’ house.’ For someone to keep our name for years and then refer us to their kids means a lot — it says we must be doing some things right.”
Adventure in a Crawlspace
“During a typical crawl space inspection in East Dallas, I was looking around and came across a briefcase," explains Cliff. "It was dusty and the outside was deteriorated. I became curious and opened the briefcase. As I did, I saw it was filled with gold coins in plastic sleeves! I could hardly believe my eyes! This is a real treasure in a crawlspace, I thought."

He summoned the buyer’s agent, the buyer, and the seller’s agent who were in the home and said, “I need to show you something. I opened the case, and their eyes got as big as saucers,” Cliff laughs. “We gave the briefcase to the seller's agent, and sure enough, we found out later, it belonged to the seller. He was a coin collector. The seller said, ‘I remember now … one time we were heading out of town and I put them down there for safekeeping.’ He had forgotten about it. He estimated there were $10,000 worth of coins in the briefcase."
It’s clear to see Cliff and Sheri are truly thankful for their roles in helping their clients.
“During the first part of my career, I did a lot of searching for my passion in the world of work," he says. "I was looking for the job I really fit into.  We’ve been doing this for 21 years now, and I consider this career to be the answer to years of praying. We believe every inspection we receive is a gift from God’s Hand to ours. And, we do our best to handle it accordingly.”

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