Holly Davis

Feeling the Excitement

Goals come and go. The dollar signs and the awards are all wonderful, to be sure. But what is it that really fulfills you?
Chances are very good, since you need to be one of the top-performing REALTORS® to be reading this, that you have a focus and heart that goes way deeper than the surface.
That’s a fire that drives Holly Davis, too.
Making the Moments
As a REALTOR® with Allie Beth Allman & Associates, Holly is fulfilled by those moments … the times when she feels the same excitement that her clients do.
“I love to see their excitement when they walk in and see that this is it. At the same time, I also love dealing with the agents on the other side of each transaction,” Holly says. 
“You deal with so many personalities in this business. It feels fantastic to find that common ground and have someone work toward that common ground is so fulfilling to see everyone walk away, whether it’s the buyer or seller.”
Learning and Growing
Holly was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, though she moved to Texas when she was just a year old … so she is definitely a Texas girl.
As she came of age and started a family, she was blessed to welcome two twin daughters into the world. In time, she went through a divorce and looked to the next steps in her life. 
“It was 2018, and I wanted to do something that would allow me to still, in essence, be a stay-at-home mom so that I could support my daughters in their activities and lives. I wanted flexibility.”
Enjoying the Journey
So that year, Holly earned her real estate license and started her journey in the business.
Some things seem destined. And it definitely felt that way for Holly as she remembers the start she enjoyed in real estate. 
“I feel very grateful and blessed to have had a great start in real estate. I have a lot of friends that I made through my kids’ school and playing tennis,” Holly says. 
“There were a few of them who gave me the opportunity to help them find something in the second home market. I do a lot of lake houses, and that sparked my career in that luxury level.”
Since then, Holly’s business has continued to grow, based on strong bonds. In fact, in 2022, Holly recorded 20 transactions for $28 million in sales volume.
Life’s Fulfillment
At the beginning and end of the day, Holly’s world is fulfilled by her twin daughters, who are now 15 years old.
In her free time, Holly has had a lifelong passion for tennis. She still plays when she can. She also continues a fun game that she found during COVID-19 — Mahjong. 
“That’s a fun, social thing for me,” she says. “I also like spending time with my girls and traveling with them. Everything I do is for them to make sure they have the best life possible.”
As Holly looks to the future, she also feels great gratitude for the partnership she enjoys with Amy Farris.
“Amy is my business partner. She and I worked very closely through the years on separate sides of transactions,” she recalls. 
“Then, late last year we started working together on the same side. This year we’re launching the Davis Farris Group. It’s very exciting for me … it’s great being able to collaborate and go through the rollercoaster of real estate with her.”
With her friendly, familiar personality and a genuine sense of care and purpose for those she serves, Holly makes a tangible impact on the lives of others. 
“As I work with people, I’m very interested in their stories,” she smiles. “I have their best interests at heart all the time, and I want to give them my best.”
Clearly that sense of commitment and trust leads to success all the way around. Holly Davis is there to see her clients through to the closing table and beyond … in turn, feeling their excitement.