Kodi Nelson

Picture-Perfect Approach

While it can be argued that perfection is hard to come by — if not impossible — one thing that can be guaranteed is the effort that is given in the process of attempting to reach it.
That’s the dynamic at work with Kodi Nelson.
All-In Approach
As a REALTOR® with Rogers Healy & Associates, Kodi gives an all-in effort … a picture-perfect approach on behalf of her clients.
“I love the fact that what we do is a business of people. No two of our clients are alike,” she says. “I always like having the opportunity to learn and tackle a new project.”
Kodi’s picture perfect approach is something that has long been part of her life … even before she got involved in real estate. That’s because she has been a full-time model since the time she was a teenager.
“I met a lot of interesting personalities and got to travel the world and have unique experiences. I did that full-time for 12 years and still have an agency,” Kodi remembers. 
“As I got older and my focus was on starting a family, I had a couple babies, and thought that I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. But something was missing. I missed the hustle and productivity that came from working outside the home, so I jumped into real estate full time.”
Dedicated Drive
Kodi earned her real estate license in 2016, finding a natural partnership with long-time friend and colleague from the fashion world, Maggie Parks. Today, the two form their own team accompanied by the hashtag #ModelRealtors. 
“It’s a play on the word model, which means the ideal. We have fun with that. We don’t claim that we are perfect. But we give our best all the time and yet we poke fun at the fact that we are fashion models,” Kodi says with a smile.
The drive that Kodi has for her work is contagious.
“I’ve been self-employed since high school being a model,” she says. 
“It’s a mentality that the way to provide is by working. It’s second nature to me … and it’s interwoven into the fabric of my life.” 
Signs of Success
The results that Kodi and Maggie have recorded have been truly rewarding. In fact, through their career together, the two have accounted for over $75 million in sales volume.
Fulfilling Life
Family makes life much richer for Kodi. She cherishes time with her husband of 20 years, George, and their three children.
Away from work, Kodi looks forward to time spent with her loved ones and friends. She also has a passion for travel.
When it comes to giving back, Kodi has a heart for helping. She’s an active member at her church, Fellowship Church. She supports City House, an organization that provides housing for youth in transition from foster care, as well as multiple initiatives through RHA Gives Back.
Bright Future
As she looks to the future, Kodi looks forward to creating more success stories with Maggie in service to their clients.
“I enjoy the ease of communication that Maggie and I share . We have known each other for over 20 years,” Kodi says. 
“We can easily fill a gap for the other person that might not be their strong suit. It is fantastic having someone to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with.”
Kodi puts a picture-perfect approach to work to make a lasting difference in the lives of others. 
“In the process, we pride ourselves on being flexible, and being able to pivot around the needs of our clients,” she says. “I definitely love what I do.”