Melanie Yacko

Passion, Persistence, and a Lifelong Love for Real Estate

Melanie Yacko loves real estate—every aspect of it. She loves the clients, rentals, renovations and the whole of idea of building things up, from constructing homes to growing businesses to expanding portfolios. The culmination of her own growth these past 13 years in the business occurred this past year with the opening of her own brokerage, Urban Realty Group Corp.
The recent inauguration of Urban Realty Group Corp. marks a significant milestone in Melanie’s career. It’s a testament to her resilience, expertise and dedication to the real estate industry. Having purchased her very first property at the age of 18 and her first rental at 20, Melanie began her real estate journey at a young age.
Continuing as an investor throughout the 2000s, she built a portfolio of properties while working in the mortgage and finance sector. And she would have stayed on that path if the market hadn’t come tumbling down in 2008, wiping out everything she built for herself.   
“I lost everything and was living in a one-bedroom apartment with my daughter Madison,” explains Melanie. “That point in my life humbled me, immensely. But I knew if I could build something once, then I could build it again, and even stronger and better the next time.”
To help weather the storm, Melanie transitioned into leasing and property management, and eventually launched her sales business in 2011. Using her extensive knowledge and experience, as well as the connections she made as an investor, mortgage broker, and leasing agent/property manager, Melanie launched into full building mode. But it wasn’t just about building a business for Melanie.
“I wanted to help people invest into something valuable, and to have a home for themselves and their families. I’m just thankful for all the lenders in my network that supported me as a new agent and all the mentors I had along the way, including my mom, who is the most caring and compassionate person I know,” reflects Melanie.  
Among the many qualities that helped Melanie succeed as an agent was the immense amount of care and compassion she showed to her clients. Combined with her extensive experience, expertise, and unshakable persistence, she became a force in the industry, forming the Yacko Team before stepping out on her own as the broker/owner of Urban Realty Group Corp.
Having just formed the brokerage this past year, Melanie is fully focused on growing the company by helping her agents and clients achieve their goals. She is incredibly grateful for both her clients and agents, attributing much of her success to them.
“Our agents elevate me every day,” she emphasizes. “Without them, there is no firm. I attribute everything to them, my mentors and of course our clients. They are the people who have been very loyal to me throughout my life, and I am grateful for them and super excited to see how our company grows.”
When Melanie isn’t focused on growing her business, she enjoys hot yoga, hiking, playing volleyball, wakeboarding, boating, snowboarding, and spending time with family, which includes her daughter, as well as her five siblings and several nieces and nephews. Melanie also enjoys giving back to the community through the Inner Circle Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Children’s Hospital, Senior Services, and others.
Of course, nothing compares to her lifelong passion for real estate, which she says will always be part of her life and dreams for the future.
Given how far Melanie has come in life and business, she offers the following advice to others who may be on the same path:
“Always remember where you came from and be grounded and humble, no matter how much you grow. Invest in your own assets – it is super important for learning. But even more important is to always do the right thing and take care of people. And always make time for the ones you love.”