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Innovation at Work

There’s a fine balance between having the experience and expertise needed to know how things are done and having the courage to effectively try something new.
That point of balance and innovation is the place where Founder/CEO Harmony Brown and her team at GreenWorks Inspections & Engineering work each day.
In addition to being a rapidly growing home inspection company, GreenWorks is also using an innovative approach to boost intra-preneurship and opportunities for people.
“What we do is allow inspectors and other service providers to build their businesses inside GreenWorks. That way, they can enjoy the abundance of what having a business can be without having to do it all themselves,” Harmony explains. 
“We want to continue to expand and grow. Every service we have has been started and led by an inspector in our company. We work together. They get the resources of the call center, finance, and technology team while they build a business inside GreenWorks with their peers. It’s one of the most innovative things that we have done, and we know that it has really large potential over the next 10 to 20 years. I love growing leaders inside the company and seeing them expand in their lives with their families. That’s huge for me.”

Finding the Vision. Then Pursuing It.
Harmony recalls the way she started her successful path in life and business. Like most stories of triumph, hers began with hard work.
“I was a struggling college student looking to find a direction, and I wasn’t finding it in school,” she remembers. 
The catalyst that Harmony remembers was reading an eBook about how to find your passion. 
“It took me down the path of how to really explore the things you love to do. Through that, I landed on the fact that I loved homes,” Harmony recalls. “My love of homes led into real estate and other paths.”
As she was considering all of the options available to her in real estate, she found herself focusing on home inspections.
“I didn’t know about it, but I called some people in the industry and asked them what they did every day. They talked about going to real estate offices, make presentations, and then doing inspections in the afternoons. The people I talked with wanted to be doing inspections and not the other parts of business,” she says.
That’s when it hit her. She wondered why house experts would need to do lead generation. 
“So, I decided to provide that solution. I knew that would be my place and purpose. I set out to do it.”
It wasn’t easy at first. In fact, Harmony struggled for a long time before she started to build the relationships that would lead to business.
“I didn’t have a sphere in Texas. It took me 15 months to get my first client. Once I did, I thought it would be my big break. I had to stay at it,” she recalls. “There were still ups and downs … and then about four months later is when things started taking off for me. I stuck to it and persevered. I worked with one inspector at a time. It took me six years to get six inspectors.”
Following a Strong Purpose
GreenWorks Inspections & Engineering serves as a one-source solution to make the client experience easier. Through time, the company has steadily added services—as well as locations in places like Austin and Houston. They’ve also added engineering services.
Today GreenWorks is one of the largest privately owned inspection companies in the nation, with 55 inspectors throughout Texas, and a total team of 105 professionals, including 13 engineers, five pest control team members, environmental specialists, and a call center.
“It’s a full operation, and we’re just at the start,” Harmony smiles. “Ultimately, we want to take care of all things that buyers need for finding good contractors, plumbers, repairs, handymen, and so on. We want to do the structural engineering. We are really looking to be the resource for our REALTOR® partners, so that they can focus on what they do best. In the process, we’re looking to build a $100 million real estate services company throughout the nation.”
Away from work, Harmony treasures time with her fiancé, Jessica, who serves as the Chief Growth Officer at GreenWorks. 
In their free time, they enjoy their dog, Ozzie, as well as traveling, spending time outdoors, hiking, tennis, and playing pickleball.
At the end of the day, Harmony and the team remain focused on providing an unforgettable experience to their partners and clients.
“We strive to bring platinum level experience to each and every partner that we work with. We are there to help REALTOR® partners grow their businesses and take care of their clients,” she says with a smile. “That is a true inspiration to us to give that platinum level service. And to strive to be better every day.”
When you’re looking for a partner who is there to put innovation to work for you, look to GreenWorks Inspections & Engineering.
Harmony Brown at GreenWorks

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