Glenda White

The Mortgage Coach DFW

Each of us needs a coach, no matter what season we’re in. Luckily for you and your clients, you have Glenda White, The Mortgage Coach DFW with Verity Mortgage.
When you talk with her, it’s easy to see the passion she has for her work with her REALTOR® partners.
“What we do is about serving our community and clients. It’s about living that dream. I didn’t really have that growing up. I had no guidance when I became a homeowner, so it feels good to be able to provide that,” Glenda explains.
Coaching as Part of Life
Glenda has been a coach through time in various walks of life. In fact, she has been a football cheer coach, picking up and extending a legacy of coaching that was started by her grandmother in the 1960s. Today, she serves as President of her cheer organization. In fact, she has served in that capacity several times.
As Glenda came of age and considered her professional career, she started working at American Airlines at the age of 19. Then, in 2007, she started working with then Countryside Mortgage, now Bank of America as an Administrative Assistant. Through that process, she was involved in helping to open a new branch. 
“When I got into the business, I was 27 years old and didn’t know much about it. But I enjoyed it, learned the ropes, and eventually moved into the sales side,” Glenda says.
Opening New Doors
In 2017, Glenda joined the team at Verity Mortgage. The experience with the company has been wonderful for her.
“It is an outstanding environment here. We have a female CEO, and we have a very family-friendly approach to the way we work,” she says with a smile.
Winning Teamwork
Teamwork is at the heart of the passion that Glenda has for her work.
Today, she leads a close-knit team that includes a Production Processor, a Loan Assistant, and Production Manager in Verity’s Mansfield location.
“We pride ourselves on innovative technology and servant leadership. We want to help our partners grow their business with a one-on-one environment,” she says. “We do that in a number of ways, including the use of technology and social media.”
In addition, Glenda also teaches classes throughout the community to support members of the real estate community.
“Our mobile-friendly app helps our partners and clients be able to follow the path throughout the process. They get push notifications with our video messages. I direct them to my YouTube so they get a personalized video, as well,” Glenda says. 
“Plus, we have a 12-week plan of action that we go through with all my agents. Through that, we talk about a variety of topics including mindset, Google my business, struggles they face, talking about a new mortgage product, and discussing ways we can support them and help them grow.”
Family Fulfillment
Away from work, Glenda treasures time with her family, including her husband of 20 years, Kevin, and their children—19-year-old daughter, Kourtnie, who is studying Digital Media in college; and their daughter, Kaysen, who is a second-grader who already has her eyes set on someday working in the business with Glenda.
In their free time, Glenda and her family are huge football fans. They also have a passion for time spent outdoors, as well as visiting Top Golf or playing a round of golf.
Building Forward
As Glenda looks to the future, she places a lot of positive emphasis on creating a consistent, excellent experiences for her partners and clients.
“We really follow the Chik-Fil-A model where people know that they will get the same, high level of service and quality each time they visit,” Glenda points out. “That’s what we pride ourselves on achieving … delivering that same great service all the way from pre-approval through post-closing.”
When you’re looking for a partner that also provides you valuable coaching to build for the future, look to Glenda White, The Mortgage Coach DFW and Verity Mortgage!
Glenda White, The Mortgage Coach DFW 
at Verity Mortgage
Cell Phone: 682-365-0816