Daniel Inman

The Agency

As a REALTOR®, YouTuber and Badass Dad, Dan Inman’s dedication to providing “impactful moments” for his clients is at the heart of his business. He specializes in social media marketing, primarily on his YouTube channel, Living in Coastal Virginia. “You start with the basics and get better and better,” remarks the Navy veteran on how his channel has evolved throughout the years.

After leaving the Navy, Dan became a stay-at-home dad and attended Old Dominion University full-time. He earned his degree in civil engineering with a minor in construction management while assisting in flipping houses on the side. “I realized I wanted the entrepreneur life, and real estate was the path,” says Dan, who became a licensed REALTOR® in 2017.

As someone who aims to be in the top 25 producing agents in the region, Dan made a recent move to The Agency, citing that most of his luxury sales have come in the last few years as a result of his brand presence on social. Dan claimed with certainty that The Agency is the perfect partner to grow with during this next chapter of his career. His small team comprises himself, an amazing assistant, a rockstar videographer who assists with his YouTube channel and two virtual-assistant video editors.

Dan began shifting his attention toward social media after asking himself, “How do I grow my business more?” Though he has scaled his business through referrals and repeat clients, he was searching for a marketing method that better suited his personality and goals.

Facebook was the first platform Dan used; however, the amount of work and energy it required didn’t provide a substantial return on investment. He then directed his attention toward Youtube, which is more strategic in gaining traction due to its powerful algorithm. Dan hired his videographer, Shawn, to work for him full-time, and together, they’ve grown Living in Coastal Virginia. “I am probably too nerdy on market data,” he jokes about his fascination with the analytical side of social media marketing.

Refusing to become desensitized by the day-to-day transactions, Dan reminds himself, “We’re helping God’s children with some of the biggest steps of their lives.” This approach has helped improve his mindset and refocus on serving the client and delivering an exceptional experience during a typically stressful endeavor.

Dan recalls a client buying his first home and expressing excitement about being the first person in four generations to purchase a home. He also refers to a client who was experiencing trouble with an appraisal and at the time had a daughter who was sick. Dan could not do much about the appraisal, but he found a restaurant nearby the client’s home and ordered a soup delivery for the daughter to brighten the day. “How do you show up in a way that helps the client?” he adds, referring to various creative ways to build relationships with clients. Client Giant has become a well-used resource of his to further express customer appreciation.

When Dan isn’t working, he’s golfing, reading or having family time with his wife, Rachel, of 17 years, and their two children, Samantha, 15, and Ethan, 13. Dan was raised in the church and has a strong faith background with his favorite quote from Mother Teresa being, “God didn’t call me to be successful. He called me to be faithful.”

The client experience and expanding his marketing knowledge remain Dan's priority, as does Living in Coastal Virginia. “Listen to fewer voices, but put the best ones on repeat,” he advises. Although he has earned much success in real estate and has ambitious goals, his focal point is on being a good husband, father, boss and friend.

"Dan’s commitment to his clients and coworkers at The Agency Coastal Virginia is a reflection of his previous service in the US Navy and his dedication to his country. His exceptional work ethic and constant drive to improve set him apart from others in this competitive business and is the reason he excels." —Alan T. Thompson, Broker/Owner, The Agency Coastal Virginia