Patrick Cecchini

SinnenGreen & Associates

As a 25-year veteran appraiser, CEO of SinnenGreen & Associates Patrick Cecchini has always had a connection to the real estate world. From observing his REALTOR® mother while growing up to having his own real estate experiences, he knows how to navigate and thrive through the ebbs and flows that come with the business. 

SinnenGreen & Associates offers appraisals in residential and commercial real estate. Because its seasoned appraisers are all Licensed Real Estate Appraisers, Certified General and Certified Residential, they are equipped to offer invaluable information and exemplary customer service to their clientele. As the most substantial appraisal corporation in both Virginia and North Carolina, SinnenGreen operates with a “bedside manner” and is efficient in providing accurate appraisals.

“During the appraisal process, we are a representative of the client,” remarks Patrick. “We want the borrower, agent or seller to feel comfortable with the process.” Being a “direct reflection of their clients,” transparency is key for the client to truly grasp each step along the way and better trust the team. SinnenGreen also has a full-time support staff of six members with an accumulated 90 years worth of experience, enabling them to best aid the client through different scenarios. 

Patrick entered the appraising field right out of college. He met the owner at the time, Matt Sinnen, saying, “I interviewed on a Friday and started this career the following Monday.” Not one to shy away from hard work, he started to gain more and more ownership throughout the years and now is the CEO.

Although Patrick was born in Richmond, he moved more than four decades ago with his family to Virginia Beach. Now, his company has offices in Hampton Roads, Richmond, Northern Virginia and even San Antonio, just to mention a few locations.

Patrick recognizes that real estate has its challenges but also comes with rewarding benefits. “Every day is a gamble on yourself,” he advises other real estate professionals. “Work hard, and you will be rewarded.”

When Patrick isn’t in the office, he’s spending time with his wife, Jessica Cecchini, whom he calls the “glue” of their family, and their four daughters, Alexis, Alana, Alivia and Ashlynn. Whether visiting the beach or going out boating, the family loves to be outdoors. Patrick has various hobbies of his own, which include hunting, fishing and golfing. “My family motivates me every day to be the best version of myself,” he adds. “I don’t always succeed, but they always have my back!”

Patrick considers the community within real estate similar to that of a “fraternity of sorts,” and that connection enables him to better understand the industry and be better equipped to serve SinnenGreen’s clients. As one who loves a good challenge, he finds true success in positively impacting those around him.

Patrick and SinnenGreen & Associates strive to deliver an exceptional and transparent client experience. Whether you need appraisals for commercial or residential real estate, they guarantee to effectively and efficiently communicate during the process. 

To work with a well-established and trusted appraisal company, contact SinnenGreen & Associates via phone or email at 757-486-6288 and Also, check out the company website for an abundance of valuable information.