Richard O. Linke Jr. : From Showbiz to Shorelines, Riding the Family Wave of Real Estate

Richard O. Linke Jr. is no stranger to the picturesque North Shore of Hawaii or its thriving real estate community. With a family deeply embedded in the industry, Richard, a third-generation REALTOR®, is not just carving a niche for himself but is continuing a legacy that dates back decades.
“Both my aunts were beloved brokers on Oahu and the Big Island, and my mother was a broker in Southern California when I was growing up. They are three women I very much admire and have always tried to emulate them in the way I conduct business and handle my real estate career,” explained Richard.
While Richard’s family roots are firmly planted in Hawaiian soil, he grew up in Toluca Lake, California, where his father worked as a television producer and manager for actors in Hollywood. An avid hockey player in his youth, Richard attended high school in New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts to further pursue his passion for hockey. 
He traded in his ice-skates for a surfboard after graduation and bounced between USC and San Diego State University (SDSU) for a few years, going to school, working and surfing the California coast up and down to Baja Mexico. He left SDSU his senior year, however, to follow his father’s career path in Television Production, working for America’s Funniest Home Videos. 
Richard went on to work for MTV and Universal Music Group for about five years before he and his wife, Nicole, decided to spend a month on the Big Island to celebrate Christmas with his family. This time proved serendipitous as he met a producer and decided to officially move here to work and finish school at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. 
Richard worked in film and television for nearly 20 years before he made the switch to real estate. “I was looking for a new challenge and not loving my role on-set as a Sound Boom Operator. After two seasons on Hawaii Five-0, I knew it was time to look for a different career path,” he said.
Richard started real estate full-time in 2012. He finished at the top of his licensing class that year and was recruited by Prudential Locations, where his Aunt Joan Bartlett, an Oahu real estate expert for 40+ years, was broker-in-charge. In 2016, he was recognized by Locations Hawaii as the Outstanding Achievement Award recipient in a company with over 200 agents, where he continues to thrive today.  Richard’s drive, work ethic, island-wide knowledge, and client-first approach have helped him become a well-respected real estate agent on Oahu.
Richard’s work philosophy is centered around honesty, listening, and understanding his client's real estate goals. Assisting friends and family in buying their first homes and investment properties and witnessing the joy and security it brings, is the most rewarding part of his business. As a solo agent at Locations, he works with his transaction manager, Lesley Benton, who he says is “the best in the business.”
Richard and the Linke family have a strong presence within the North Shore Community. 
His wife, Nicole Linke, is a property manager and owner of Turtle Bay Condos at Kuilima Estates East & West. Their daughters, Piper and Quinn, attend Waialua Elementary & high school, making the Linke family a recognizable fixture in the neighborhood. 
“As industry professionals on the North Shore, we strive to showcase extraordinary customer service, an unmatched work ethic, and the utmost care and compassion for our rental and sales clients,” said Richard. 
Apart from being a devoted North Shore REALTOR®, Richard is a family man through and through. You can usually find the Linkes surfing together, hiking Peacock Flats, skiing and snowboarding in Mammoth, CA during the winters, and taking walks on the beach in Mokuleia with their dogs. Richard also enjoys kickboxing, golfing, and watching live music. In fact, he has seen his favorite bands, The Grateful Dead and Phish, over 150 times. 
“As a musician, I have always really been drawn to Jerry Garcia’s tone (both voice and guitar), his lyrics and phrasing, and his unmatched creativity in all art. He was a master at his craft and someone I’ve always admired. I feel very lucky that I got to see him live so many times between 1992 -1995 before he passed away,” Richard said. 
 Richard's life mantra seems to echo the Jerry Garcia quote: "You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best. You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do." His deeply rooted ties to the North Shore, his passion for his profession, and his unique life experiences converge to make him not just another REALTOR®, but a beloved figure in his community. After all, for Richard, life is not just about selling houses – it is a vibrant symphony of familial bonds, professional passion, and an ever-present appreciation for the rhythm and music of all things.