Hannah Ordonez with Aloha Real Estate Solutions: Riding the Waves of the Market

The real estate industry is well-known for its volatile nature, with market trends constantly shifting like tides and wind. In times of slow market activity, agents need a beacon to guide them through uncertainty and maintain their foothold in the sector. One such beacon in the Hawaiian real estate market is Aloha Real Estate Solutions (ARES), led by its indomitable Owner and CEO, Hannah Ordonez.
“The beautiful part of the current market shifting and slowing down is that agents now have time to truly market their properties and themselves,” Hannah explained. “If agents double down on their marketing in this market, they will be able to make it through the shift. Yes, there will be fewer deals happening, but that doesn’t mean less deals for ‘you.’”
Under Hannah's thoughtful leadership, ARES has established itself as an invaluable ally to real estate professionals across Hawaii. The firm provides comprehensive marketing solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Hawaiian real estate landscape. Whether working with agents, mortgage lenders, inspectors, etc., ARES offers three distinct services: Listing Marketing, Branding, and Social Media Management.
“We are a ‘full service’ marketing company, which means we don’t just design something for our clients, we will also launch the marketing campaign,” Hannah explained. “For example, if someone orders our postcard service we will design the postcard, get the farm list, scrub the farm list, submit it to the printer, and have it mailed. Essentially, all the client has to do is tell us what they want and where they want it to go, we do the rest. And, as a local company, we do our best to source high-quality local vendors where we can.”
Hannah's rise to the top of Hawaii's real estate marketing scene came through her unique background, personal experiences, and a tenacious spirit honed through adversity. After moving to Hawaii from Florida at just 19 years old and starting her career as a front desk worker for Keller Williams Honolulu, Hannah quickly found her footing in the world of real estate.
Her determination to succeed is largely credited to her formative years. "I didn’t have the easiest childhood growing up, but the hardest thing I went through was my dad passing away when I was 16,” she said. “This caused me to have to grow up fast and become strongly independent. My dad instilled in me at a young age that there are no excuses in life – if you want something, go get it. If life knocks you down, stand back up and keep going. He gave me the gift of a grit mindset which has allowed me to push myself personally and professionally to get me to where I am today,” she said.
It is not only resilience that Hannah brought from her past into her business. As a multi-year varsity letter winner in lacrosse and captain of her high school team, plus 2x Academic All-American, and recipient of the United States Air Force Academy Prep School nomination (one of only 240 cadets chosen in the country), Hannah's background nurtured a deep understanding of the importance of teamwork and leadership – skills that she has seamlessly translated into her role as a business owner.
"I believe strongly in the saying 'You're the average of the five people you spend most of your time with', and I have consistently made it a point to surround myself with high-level individuals in all areas of my life," Hannah added. This philosophy is manifested in the team she has built at ARES, a group she characterizes as talented, committed, and hard-working. “I feel absolutely blessed that each member of my team embodies such qualities. Being able to invest in them, watch them grow and succeed is one of my favorite parts of being a business owner,” she said.
In addition to building a strong team, Hannah's entrepreneurial journey has been greatly influenced by her mentor, Colette Ching. Colette, a successful entrepreneur herself, took a young Hannah under her wing and encouraged her to explore her potential. Hannah credits Colette for not only encouraging her to establish ARES, but also for continuously guiding her on how to build a thriving business and be a better leader.
As a leader, Hannah derives immense fulfillment from helping others and seeing her team grow. Her unwavering commitment to her clients and her drive to continuously improve her services have propelled ARES toward becoming Hawaii's premier real estate marketing company.
“I truly just want to help agents see the value in marketing themselves and their brands no matter if they are a new agent or seasoned,” she said. “I love getting the opportunity to sit with an agent and discuss what building out their brand and growing their business looks like, even if I know they won’t be purchasing anything at that time. I operate on always coming from contribution and giving back to the industry.”
When Hannah is not working, you can usually find her at the beach relaxing, surfing or paddleboarding.
For help navigating the ever-shifting tides of real estate, give Hannah and Aloha Real Estate Solutions a call. For more information, visit www.areshawaii.com.