Tony Gamboa

In the dynamic world of real estate, experience and a genuine passion for helping people are invaluable assets. Tony Gamboa, a seasoned real estate agent, exemplifies these qualities with his impressive track record and unwavering dedication to his clients. With almost three decades of sales experience under his belt, Tony has built a thriving career and established himself as a trusted professional in the industry.
Born and raised in San Gabriel, California, Tony's journey began in the charming city of West Covina. From an early age, he developed a knack for sales, honing his skills, and building connections with people. By the age of 15, Tony had already embarked on his sales career, which would shape his future path.
Initially, Tony explored the fitness industry, taking on roles such as Sales Manager and District Manager. However, his true passion lay in sales itself, where he found his natural calling. The fitness industry served as a valuable training ground however, allowing Tony to cultivate essential communication skills and establish meaningful relationships with others. “That allowed me to have a great rapport with people, and learn communication skills and connect with people,” he reflects.
As Tony progressed in his career, he recognized the transformative power of mentorship and coaching. Seeking guidance from experienced professionals, he witnessed a significant change in his business approach and results. This pivotal realization fueled his entrepreneurial spirit, leading him to establish three successful real estate companies.
In his first business, Tony engages in buying and selling real estate, capitalizing on his comprehensive market knowledge and negotiation expertise. In the second business, he focuses on the art of house flipping, acquiring valuable insights into property investment strategies. Finally, in his third venture, Tony excels in wholesale sales, harnessing his sales acumen to create new opportunities for both himself and his clients.
Reflecting on his journey, Tony emphasizes the importance of gaining prior experience in sales before venturing into the real estate industry. This foundation provides aspiring professionals with a solid understanding of the art of building rapport along with communication skills, and equips them with invaluable skills to thrive in the competitive real estate landscape.
One of the most rewarding aspects of Tony's work lies in his ability to help and educate others. Guiding individuals through the intricate processes of buying, selling, and investing in real estate is a passion that stems from his own desire for knowledge and guidance when he embarked on his own real estate journey. Tony recognizes that many people are unaware of what they truly want or lack the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions. By educating his clients, he empowers them to navigate the real estate market with confidence and achieve their goals.  In addition to educating his clients, Tony has recently taken on the role of Director of Education for NAHREP, which stands for the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals. Tony serves in the Inland Empire chapter and was hand chosen to represent this community as an example of educating others.
Beyond his professional pursuits, Tony finds solace and joy in his personal life. Tony cherishes every moment spent with his family—his loving wife of 22 years, Jackie, and their two boys, Nicholas and Gabriel.  Sharing quality time with his loved ones is of paramount importance to Tony, and he takes great pride in being an engaged father and husband. Tony loves travelling with his family and having them explore new destinations and experiences and showing them different cultures, while bringing his family closer together.
In his leisure time, Tony indulges in several hobbies, his favorite being deep-sea fishing. This passion has taken him to various corners of the world, from the stunning coastlines of Costa Rica and Jamaica to the captivating shores of Cabo. It is an activity that not only brings him personal fulfillment, but also allows him to share unforgettable experiences with his sons. Additionally, Tony enjoys golfing, another hobby that he and Gabriel can pursue together, especially during their travels. Witnessing Gabriel's progression in the sport fills Tony with a sense of pride and joy.   Tony is guiding his son Nicholas into the real estate world. Nicholas is working on his real estate license while working at Nike corporation.
Completing the Gamboa family is their beloved Frenchie, Rocky, who adds an extra dose of happiness to their lives. With a rich tapestry of personal interests and a fulfilling professional career, Tony Gamboa exemplifies the embodiment of a successful real estate agent who is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those he serves.
For anyone considering a career in real estate, Tony's advice is simple yet profound: immerse yourself in a sales job beforehand to cultivate essential skills, and always strive to educate and guide others. With his wealth of experience, unwavering dedication, and a genuine passion for helping people, Tony Gamboa continues to make a remarkable difference in the world of real estate, one client at a time.