Jake Fioresi

Real estate is in Jake Fioresi’s blood. Growing up, he witnessed his father thrive in the industry, and Jake was drawn to the relationship side of the business in particular. Watching his dad interact with clients — and make a genuine impact in their lives — inspired him to follow a similar professional path.
“My dad even told me that I’d one day be a great real estate agent when I grew up,” Jake reflects. “I took that to heart.”
Before entering the real estate business, Jake spent three years in phone sales. While that didn’t end up being his long-term calling, it was an important steppingstone on the path to eventual real estate success. Jake has taken his relational attitude into real estate, allowing him to hit the ground running and achieve success quicker than most.
“This business is just building relationships, and I love that,” he says with a smile.
Jake officially began his real estate career in April 2021, joining good friends Dillon Hall and Nick Anselmo at Abundance Real Estate. The success of his two long-time friends finally convinced him to take a leap of faith and enter the business he’s always known and loved.
Rather than cold calling or door knocking, Jake built his business the old-fashioned way — developing relationships with his boots on the ground, talking to friends and family members about what he does while not making every conversation sales-focused.
“I love having an impact on newer agents, showing them what is actually possible,” Jake offers. “When I got into the business, people said, ‘Save for six months or save for twelve months,’ and I personally don't agree. I feel that hard work can set you aside, and that's not the perspective you should have going into something new. As long as you outwork the people around you, you will succeed. The way real estate is becoming, with a new generation coming in, the beliefs need to change. We’re treating the job like a job, and when you do, you can succeed very quickly.”
Jake’s sphere of influence and his willingness to connect with those around him have been his keys to success. His strategy is to become the most well-known REALTOR® among those he’s already connected to, treat everyone like a best friend, and create relationships that look more like family connections than business associations.
“Those are free leads, people that know and trust you. Be a knowledgeable resource. Post content. Go to open houses. Network with other agents. I talk to everybody that I see, and that really helps my business.”
Another key to Jake’s success has been his morning routine, which begins with a trip to the gym. His favorite saying is, unsurprisingly, “Win the morning, win the day.”
As Jake heads into his third year in the business, he’s excited for what’s to come. Although the market is shifting, he’s not concerned. He’s keeping his head down, his focus sharp, and his attention on the goal in mind.
“I’m not worried for when times get tough in real estate, and I’m even excited to put myself to the test. The people I'm surrounded by will figure it out. I'm surrounded by good people, and we’ve brainstormed [about the changing market] as a brokerage. Things can get rough in the real estate market, but I believe there is always opportunity, and we will figure it out.
“So what does the future hold? It’s hard to say, but one thing I know. I’m so happy with where I am at. I want to be known as a person that leads with a positive impact. I’m driven to consistently serve.”
Family Spotlight
Jake and his fiancé, Riley, have a one-year-old daughter, Prestin. Her presence has been a big inspiration for his success in real estate.