Misty & Stephen Cochren

The team model has become commonplace in the real estate business, offering agents the collaboration and support often lacking in a single-agent model. And yet, teams have their limitations, too. Agents often outgrow the model; as their personal business strengthens, they may become less reliant on the support of a team. Thus, a higher commission split and more independence become attractive.
After nearly a decade leading a team with Keller Williams, Misty and Stephen Cochren took the next significant step in their business in 2022, launching their own brokerage, Just Listed SoCal with Side. Misty and Stephen continue to run Cochren Realty Team, but now, their agents have multiple options in terms of business structure. Those who outgrow the team structure have the choice to remain with Misty and Stephen, growing an individual business or starting a team of their own under the Just Listed SoCal brand.
“We got to a point where agents were hitting a ceiling and didn't want to be on a team forever,” Misty explains. “Some wanted to be on their own, and it was a bummer that we may lose those people. Getting the brokerage allows us to continue to be their role models and guide them but allow them to be out there on their own, building their own brands, too.”
Misty and Stephen bring a wealth of experience to their roles as team leaders. Misty started her real estate career in property management at 17 years old. After over 20 years in property management, she transitioned to selling single-family homes in 2013.
Stephen joined his wife the following year. His professional background as a football coach has helped him as a leader in real estate.
“I enjoy the team dynamic here with agents, encouraging them to do their best. Coaching younger agents, I've pulled some of that coaching experience over and poured it into our agents here,” he explains.
At Just Listed SoCal, Misty and Stephen are building a culture of collaboration, camaraderie, and authenticity. They describe the environment as “family-like.” The group often eats lunch together, masterminds new ideas, and shares lessons learned.
“We learn a lot from them, too,” Misty says. “We’re always learning. I don't feel we know more than them. We learn in both directions.”
Misty and Stephen have taken their time adding agents during their first year with Just Listed SoCal, but they have big goals for the future. They plan to open five more office locations within the next five years.  Misty and Stephen also recently launched an escrow company alongside a few partners, The Local Escrow, giving them another avenue to serve clients through real estate.
While real estate is a huge part of Misty and Stephen’s life, their family is their top priority. They have four sons, Austin (22), Evan (19), Brady (12), and Landon (4). Austin and Evan are both agents on the Cochren Realty Team.
Considering the age gaps, we are a tight-knit family. We’re all about togetherness. We vacation together. Football and sports are a huge part of our lives,” Stephen says. “It’s neat to see the dynamics of our family. Outside looking in, you see a big age gap, but all four seem like the best of friends. It's super cool. I feel they lead with their hearts, and that's what's so special about them. They are heart-focused and want the family to thrive as much as possible.”
One of Misty and Stephen’s top goals is to build a business their sons can take over. After growing up without much financial abundance, Misty and Stephen are changing the future for their family.
“I want to make sure my kids know their parents are hard workers, genuine, that they have everything possible that we didn’t have,” Misty says, emotions rising. “We want them to have love and respect for everyone, and they have such big hearts.”