Jim Griffiths with Academy Bank

Guiding Homebuyers on the Right Track

To seasoned mortgage banker, Jim Griffiths, the mortgage lending world is a lot like working in the railroad industry. Though perhaps not an obvious comparison to some, for Jim it is first-hand knowledge. Before embarking on his successful career in mortgage, Jim spent 12 years as a Director of Operations for Union Pacific Railroad, the largest railroad company in the United States. During his tenure, Jim honed his professionalism and attention to detail, which led to numerous promotions and opportunities across the country. This experience instilled in him a deep appreciation for efficiency—a quality that now sets him apart from other loan officers.
“Both mortgage lending and moving railroad freight are all about process and efficiency,” Jim said. “Making sure there is a successful outcome means understanding the process inside and out. I have to know exactly what is needed, at each step in the process, in order to make sure every part of the system is going to work smoothly. The work ethic and attention to detail that I developed while moving freight on the railroad is something that I bring to every single loan file that I put together.”
After 13 years in the industry, Jim recently found his professional home at Academy Bank, a family-owned community bank well-known for its fast, easy, and personalized banking solutions. Jim’s move to Academy Bank was fueled by a desire to work in an environment that provided a broader mix of product offerings and elevated customer service. In this role, Jim seeks to harness the institution’s wide array of products to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of his valued customers.
“My goal on every loan file is to create a ‘one-touch, clear to close’ every time,” Jim shared. “I believe every customer of mine deserves that. I’m also committed to giving expert mortgage guidance that fits into my customer’s overall financial goals, rather than just taking an order and writing a pre-qualification letter.”
Renowned for his comprehensive knowledge of the mortgage process, Jim is dedicated to crafting a seamless and worry-free experience for his clients. While he handles a mix of jumbo and conventional loans, his true passion lies in working with first-time home buyers. He finds immense joy in helping them achieve the quintessential American Dream of homeownership. Across every transaction he is involved with, however, Jim provides expert mortgage guidance tailored to each client's unique situation.
“I love working with first-time home buyers,” Jim described. “I  get just as much satisfaction out of working with the self-employed and highly capitalized and complex deals as I do from educating a brand-new buyer looking to purchase their very first home.”
With every client, Jim prides himself on providing personalized service that extends beyond the mortgage transaction. He understands that buying a new home is a significant milestone and strives to alleviate the stress associated with it. Whether it's answering client inquiries or going the extra mile to ensure a smooth process, Jim's commitment to delivering exceptional service shines through. When he’s not serving his clients, Jim enjoys model railroading with his eight-year-old son, Henry, and attending air shows with his family.
“I get to help people put solutions in place to get them into a home,” Jim said. “There are so many different scenarios that come across my desk every day that all require different levels of expertise and different knowledge of products that suit them and their families needs. In the railroad, I was a first responder so I couldn’t not answer my phone. That translates into the service levels people get from me in terms of responsiveness and work ethic. Nobody is going to work harder than I am.”