David Van Noy

Pioneering a New Era

An industry educator, a business coach, and one of the nation’s top-ranking REALTORS®, David Van Noy can now add “principal broker” to the list of his accomplishments. In December 2022, he opened Van Noy Real Estate—the culmination of years of hard work and dedication to crafting a better home sale experience. A former ReeceNichols agent, David previously ran a small-but-mighty team ranked among the most profitable at the company. It quickly became apparent, however, that the formula to scale the team’s success required broader horizons.  
“In 2020, when a lot of things changed in the world, it became evident to me that in order to best serve clients and agents, I needed to scale my model,” David shared. “I needed to build bigger systems, drive more leads, talk to more prospects, and push more deals for my team in order to survive. I wasn’t trying to get away from my company, I was moving towards an option that felt best for the model I was running.”
Today a sought-after veteran of the industry, David entered the business at just 23 years old as a REALTOR® for Prudential Summerson Burrows—now known as Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. Despite his relative inexperience, he quickly developed a reputation for being “a little more diligent, a little more thorough, and a lot more driven” than many of his peers. While his start in the industry was marked by scarce guidance and bouts of trial and error, David’s resolve soon became his signature trait.
“The industry was wide open at the time,” David recalled. “There was a low barrier to entry and people that were new were encouraged to get out of the way and figure it out themselves. I really thrived in that model of benign neglect because it allowed me to put together how my business should look. I did right by my customers, but I got the systems wrong for many years. After eight years I started to get access to people who were doing things in the right order, so I started to get a better idea of how I should operate.”
Among the most pivotal moments of David’s career included the onset of the Great Recession in the late 2000s. Despite facing the challenging economic climate as a relatively new agent, he was determined to weather the storm. He remained strategic and adaptable and worked tirelessly to hone his skills to stay on top of market trends. By learning to pick up momentum during a period of crisis, he came out as a leader on the other side of the market.
David explained: “The idea that was in my mind is the same idea that I have now: the amount of business I’m trying to do is available, why should I be concerned about the market overall? I didn’t know any better at the time and it was challenging in a bunch of different ways, but I’m not a guy that’s looking for things to be easy. In fact, if they are easy, I’m usually not interested.”
Never afraid to “throw elbows” in order to ensure the best deal for his clients, David’s core purpose as an individual agent was to secure listings at all costs. An unintended side effect of his tenacity was facing loneliness on the road to success. Under Van Noy Real Estate, however, he has repositioned many of his core values to serve as a champion of the communities where he lives and that he serves—whether his clients or the agents he works alongside. By establishing his brokerage as an experiential rather than transactional business, he is building a culture that supports fairness alongside agent growth and prosperity.
“We want to be known as a small boutique brokerage with a high level of commitment to customer service,” David reflected. “We want to be known for providing an exceptional experience for the customer along with organized processes and innovative marketing. We want to be known as agents who are getting in front of people daily, doing the hard work, and going out and finding business instead of waiting for business—that’s our brand.”
Van Noy Real Estate is now comprised of ten agents and four administrative assistants, all of whom embody values of collaboration, transparency, and accountability. Looking to expand his team further, David’s search has focused on agents that share in his vision. Through his coaching and mentorship skills, he then hopes to empower agents to realize their full potential.
“I realized I was far more motivated to help other people realize their own goals than I was to realize my own,” David explained. “My company has allowed me to focus on the agents that work with me. I coach them one-on-one, and I find it far more fulfilling to use my skill set to improve their quality of life. Being the most proficient listing agent in the city was a very lonely place, but being in a brokerage that’s heavily involved in the nine people that have entrusted their business to me is the opposite.”