Tarik Hemrekovic

Starting New Chapters

“I truly believe in positive synergy, that your positive mindset gives you a more hopeful
outlook, and belief that you can do something great means you will do something great.”
-Russell Wilson

          While Tarik Hemrekovic has always had several jobs at once, he is focused like a
laser on his productivity and impact. He loves to help people and be a part of their
milestones. Whether they are selling their first home, transitioning to something bigger,
or just making a change, Tarik is poised to help them on their journey – starting the new
chapters in their lives. He strives to help them obtain the best deal possible, and he
does so by putting himself in their shoes.
          Tarik earned a degree in Cyber Security from the University of Louisville, and he
has always considered his focus on his career pursuits. While he was in college, he
worked at UPS as a Supervisor where he learned a lot about managing different people
and about leading a group to the finish line. Tarik worked the night shift and completed
his academic tasks by day. When he added real estate transactions, he learned much
from every deal too. For him, success is about being happy, and excited to wake up and
help people every day. He notes that he loves to be active and that he also
considers long-term goals such as family.
          Changing to real estate was a pivotal moment for Tarik. UPS paid for his college
expenses, so he graduated early and with no debt. He is more than happy to immerse
himself in becoming a better agent, and he hopes that someday, his legacy is defined
by the fact that he was helpful, professional, and good at what he did. His mantra in life
is “all gas and no brakes,” and he emulates a strong work ethic in any endeavor.
          Tarik’s family is from Bosnia, and he is a first-generation American. In 1998, his
parents sought asylum in the USA and later insisted that he take advantage of
everything he could to define his career. Along the way, he has also developed an
appreciation for playing and watching soccer, traveling, and enjoying outside activities
like grilling and fishing, but it is his work accomplishments that are so impressive.
          He tells others that hard work takes extreme discipline, and it is sometimes
difficult because no one is there to tell you what to do. He has labored to be an
effective boss – of himself – and he tries to hold himself accountable. He has perfected
such skills as time-blocking and time-management to keep himself on task. Building
from his family legacy, he remembers to be diligent and productive. He hopes to build
as many clients as possible during the coming days, and he also plans to add
investments and flipping homes to his repertoire.
          Current market conditions are ever-changing, and he has walked clients through
the stages of being out-priced on many homes to the cooling of the market. He is very
vigilant in assisting his clients in finding better deals and especially in not overpaying for
a home.
          Tarik Hemrekovic can be described as a very positive and happy person who is
hard-working and sees life at a very mature level. He would love to take a European
and Asian tour someday, and if he could choose any job in the world, he would be a
pilot. He, however, would not re-do anything in his life, because he thinks it all
happened for a reason. He is very pleased with his brokerage, because they help him
so much and because he has surrounded himself with very motivated people. “I am
excited about the future, and I am very happy with the life I live,” says Tarik.